Operating a small business requires performing various roles, varying from finance genius to marketing wizard. Technology can aid us to do a lot of things, including maintaining a business. Business apps can be particularly useful for smaller businesses. Here are some business apps that can help you be more efficient, organized by category.

Best Accounting Apps

Keeping a record of your business’s finances can get complex. Let these accounting apps keep you organized and on top of recordkeeping.

  1. Expensify – A great budget-tracking app for small-business owners looking for a fundamental tool. One of its most appreciated features is its ability to pull out line items from pictures of receipts and give expense reports. While it can carry out many functions, it is suitable for businesses with employees that travel regularly.
  2. InDinero – InDinero is a robust yet cost-effective accounting software platform that automates all of your business’ everyday bookkeeping needs. It can even predict future revenue based on previous data.
  3. Wave – This is a one-stop-shop accounting software platform for everything finance. Wave offers many features – sales records, invoicing, employee cheques, account reporting. You can even pay for pro bookkeeping services if necessary.

Best Marketing Apps

These business apps will help you to interact with customers through customer relationship and brand building.

  1. Canva – Instead of hiring a freelancer, one can simply use Canva. This practical tool uses attractive templates and a great interface to create eye-catching visual content for your business, ranging from social media posts to flyers. You can even use Canva for standard photo editing and stock photography.
  2. MailChimp – This straightforward email marketing tool is a go-to for small businesses for a reason. It also allows you to automate your email campaigns and track your customers so you can make the most out of your mails. Moreover, MailChimp offers smooth integration with many popular e-commerce tools.

Best Project Management and Communication Apps

Keeping everyone organized and on the same page is necessary for performing well. These business apps can help you ensure open communication and project management within your team.

  1. Microsoft Teams – During the past few months, Microsoft Teams has been constantly providing new offerings and integrations, making it the perfect tool for collaboration. In addition to the video-calling and chat features, you can organize your employees in multiple teams and can allocate tasks and follow up accordingly. It is also integrated to Outlook and SharePoint for easily sharing files.
  2. Asana – Ideal for communicating and recording tasks among teams, this app allows you to follow the status of a project by using “boards.” On these boards, you can share work, notes, files, and deadlines eliminating the burden of email. It also offers a plethora of useful integrations with larger programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack to make it more robust.
  3. Trello – This easy project management app allows visibility into the status of every project. Using lists, cards, and boards, Trello gives you analysis into what has been done, what has to be done and who is working on what. Trello’s flexibility is its main strength.

Best Security Apps

In today’s world of endangered security, keeping your information safe is more important than ever before. Let these apps help you keep secure.

  1. DocuSign – This app lets you collect signatures and other sensitive information in an easy, secure way. It even integrates with other popular tools, including Salesforce CRM and Google GOOG.
  2. LastPass – This tool stores all of your passwords in a safe, which you can go through with one master password which means remembering only the master password. It will also produce secure passwords for your accounts. LastPass even has a tool that allows you to share passwords and withdraw access when needed, making it ideal for sharing accounts with some employees.

Best Time Management Apps

Utilize your time better and work faster using these business apps.

  1. RescueTime – This app allows you to see weekly reports of how you spend time on the internet, mobile, and more. Having your digital habits sorted, it allows you to get more work done.
  2. Time Doctor – This useful app allows you to not only track how many chargeable hours your employees are working, but also how they are working. With reporting tools and screen monitoring of employees time, you can increase productivity within the business.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it might feel overwhelming to look at the number of things you need to get done in day. If you feel that 24 hours is not enough, a business coach might be able to help you prioritise things and get a clearer focus. Get in touch with me at mitalichopra@actioncoach.com to know how a coach can help you!