When Daniel Smith set up his own furniture company, he had big ambitions of success. But even when endowed with such skill and determination, Daniel just didn’t anticipate the sheer scale of time that would be demanded away from his young family.

He soon realised that running his own successful business rested on so much more than his own skills. So, he turned to ActionCOACH Neil Canty to help create a strong team foundation for onward success.

Finding ActionCOACH

Daniel began One-On-One coaching with Neil in October 2014. Alongside attending quarterly GrowthCLUBs to create short-term effective plans for his business and through tailored coaching, Daniel worked with Neil to adjust his business foundations to make for a strong a profitable future. In just two short years Daniel used ActionCOACH strategies to transform the structure of his business.

“We’ve been running the business for 15 years now, but the last two years we’ve been working with Neil and we’ve had some exceptional growth.”

With Neil’s help and experienced guidance, Daniel implemented new procedures in his business and saw his team grow by 75%. Subsequently, Danetti’s turnover grew by a tremendous 178%. By holding him accountable for achieving his goals, Neil helped Daniel grow his business to meet his vision and more importantly, gave him more time to work ON his business rather than in it and spend more time with his family. Now, he feels that he has the right structure in place for an ongoing profitable growth, whilst maintaining a sound work: life balance.

“He’s helped me take my business to the next level… This work has supported strong team growth of 75% along with a significant turnover growth of 178%.”


Danetti was recognised at the Business Excellence Forum as the Fastest Growing Company 2017.

Watch Daniel accept his award and talk more about working with Neil below.

Danetti are well on their way to continue their success and you are very welcome to take a look at their website here.
If you think your business could benefit from a stronger team, more turner and a larger profit, you can learn more about strategies from Neil and ActionCOACH.