Do you need help with your business right now?

I hope you and your families are all keeping well and staying positive. This is a time of unprecedented change and restrictions and it would not be surprising if you are feeling confused, worried, angry. Many of us have particular concerns about the health of loved ones who are vulnerable or elderly. We may be far away from people we would like to have close to us at this time (or sometimes we might wish those close to us were further away – at least some of the time!). On top of that we have our businesses to worry about and for most businesses this is a challenging time.

Managing our mindset and our thinking, taking care of our own health, fitness and well-being is even more important than ever.  Only by looking after ourselves can we help others.

Small businesses are experiencing a wide variety of circumstances right now:

  • some are closed, and uncertain when they may reopen
  • some are continuing as near to ‘business as usual’ as possible, because of the nature of what they do
  • some are extra busy and working flat out to support their customers

For all of us, as business owners, it’s important that we remain positive and focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t do.

It’s critical that we have a short-term plan – what do we need to do NOW to survive and sustain through the coming weeks.  Many businesses have already been working through this.

It’s also critical that we ask ourselves ‘what next?’  What do we need to do NOW to put our business in the best possible shape for coming through and thriving as the recovery takes shape.

If you’d like some help, I’m happy to set aside an hour to make a plan with you over Skype.  It’s free, just get in touch and we’ll set it up.

Call me on 01672 512001, email or click the link below to book your free planning session.

Take a look at our 11-point plan for working through the current situation.

My Mission as a Business Growth Specialist

I want to see a thriving business environment in my local area. SMEs are the backbone of our economy and by strengthening them we bring employment and prosperity to all.

Why is being really clear about your vision and values so important?

One of the key things a coach will ask a business owner is “are you on track?” It is only possible to answer this if you have a track! This video (under 2 minutes) describes a process for making sure you – and your team – are really clear on what the track is.