So, why is it so hard to attract and keep great people?

3 Steps to Attract and Keep Great People for your Business

Have you ever said you can’t get the right people? Or If you train them they’ll leave and take my customers. Or They just don’t want to work like I do. If so you are like many people I speak with. So, why is it so hard to attract and keep great people? What are the 3 steps to attract and keep great people for your business?

Until the crisis we have had the lowest unemployment on record, which means that the people you want are already working for someone else. Which means you need to go and find them and show them why they need to work for you.

Also are you treating the process like filling a position or are you treating it like a marketing campaign? And is your business one that they want to come and work for??

You know the amount of money and time it takes to fill a position so lets look at some key areas to improve your chances of getting it right:


1. Know who & what?

To recruit for a position you’re going to need to fill in three pages on the following areas.

Firstly write one page on what the job involves. What are the responsibilities for the position? Think about every aspect of the job from start to finish. This is also a great exercise for your existing employees. Sit with them and get them to right out what they think are their top 10 priorities, you do the same and compare the lists. If you find they differ then you have someone who is not productive.

Secondly just who is the person you want for the position. Just like targeting your perfect customer, who do you want for this position? Who do they work for, where do they live? What school did they go to? etc. Think like you would a marketing campaign where you are considering your target market, get as clear as you can.

Third page write out what is expected. Or What a good job looks like. This is important for the interview to give them a clear idea of what you expect from them through out the time they are working for you.


Recruiting is less of placing a help wanted ad. And more like going to find the best person for a position. It’s not about finding people who haven’t got a job, it’s finding someone who already has a job. We don’t want someone who just wants a job we want someone who wants to come and stay. It’s about deselection

2. Marketing

You want to reach people who already have a job. Create a web page and either you the business owner or the manager talks about the job and the position, underneath there’s a place to apply. Also discuss the Vision of the business, where are you heading – look to inspire people. If there were two jobs and one talked about becoming the biggest in their industry and one didn’t have a vision, which would you choose?

Link the web page to your social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Share everywhere you can – get your suppliers, friends, employees to share, customers.

Be a recruiter not a hirer. You’ve got to do enough marketing to find them.

3. Have 3-5 interviews 

Remember you want them to deselect themselves, to find someone best for you.

First interview have a group interview. Get them to answer these three questions in the group 1) what’s their 3 strongest attributes 2) what their biggest success, 3) why are they suitable for this position

At the same time bring your team in to watch them and take note. They can also mix with the interviewees, talk to them and get a feel for them, after all they will have to work with them.

You can also do a panel interview. Each member of your team bringing questions, this gives a variation and takes the pressure off of you.

Then complete a 121 interview.  Get them talking there should be at least two tough questions in their,  tell me about a time when you…..

Think of questions based around your core values in the business. If you’ve experienced team members who didn’t fit in in the past chances are it was because their values didn’t match yours.

It’s a great idea to get them to do an on the job interviews – get them to come and work. Work for a morning or afternoon. Spend time with the team and get feedback.

If it’s a High level position take an interviewee out to dinner and bring their partner.


You want to hire someone who can take you where you want to go. If you have to teach them they’re under qualified.

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