Stop Learning and Start Doing

Bring the world’s best tools to your business and get coached to implement them by London’s top business coaches.

Our Group Coaching Programme has won the ActionCOACH UK Best Group Coaching Programme Award for the last 5 years in a row due to the measurable impacts we’ve had on our clients businesses – on average their revenues grow by 41% for every year of coaching they receive!

The first step in joining the group coaching programme is to register for a free no obligation telephone coaching session with one of our coaches.

Group Business Coaching Programmes for thriving business owners

These are suitable for business owners who want more than just a one-off Workshop, but for whom 1-to-1 coaching is not the right option currently, or out of budget.

All Group Business Coaching Programmes include:

24 intensive workshops, typically spread over 12 months, where you are coached as part of a small group of around 10-12 other like-minded, ambitious business owners.

Its like an entrepreneurial MBA, covering everything you need to know in order to run a successful business:

  • Mastery of finances, time and delivery
  • Quarterly planning and goal setting
  • Marketing – setting up a consistent marketing machine that can be scaled up effectively
  • Sales – improving sales conversion & retaining customers longer
  • Leverage – systemising for efficiency and reducing time on low value tasks
  • Team – Improving recruitment, retention and performance of your team
  • Exit Strategy – scaling up pre-sale or investment

Coaching workshops are normally 3 hours long – at the end of which you receive ‘homework’ to complete before your next session. This ensures that crucial strategic tasks are implemented, allowing you to grow and scale your business, not just survive.

How we ensure you achieve results on these programmes:

We measure performance and results and we typically find businesses achieve positive returns on investment within 3-6 months!

We advocate 12 months to realise true long term results but we have no commitment period, contracts or tie-ins for any of our programmes. You can choose a coach for as little or as long as you want and our average client stays with us for 17 months due to the results they achieve.

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