The Profit Multiplier Program

Do you own a business and want to experience a proven program that’s helped tens of thousands of businesses across the world in 75 countries to increase their turnover by 46% and their profits by 61% over 12 months?  That means if you made £100,000 profit last year, then in 12 months it would be £161,000.

Are you fed up with single figure percentage growth year on year?  Would it be fabulous to double or even triple the profits you’re currently making?  It’s possible to do.  But you need to know how.

Can you invest 1 hour per week to attend a Zoom call, and another 4 hours per week to work on your business?

The Profit Multiplier Program is designed to help you structure your business for growth.  Laying the plans and foundations that will enable you to springboard to the next level.  It’s designed to make sure that as you expand, you won’t be crippled by the issues that you might be currently experiencing.

It’s also designed to blast your sales and marketing to new heights.  Boosting sales. Increasing profits. Creating fluid cashflow and enhancing turnover. Getting your customers coming back again and again.

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Here’s what we’ll be covering over the 12 month period…

Section 1:  Mastering the Fundamentals

Month 1:  Destination Mastery

Does it make sense that if you don’t know where you’re going, then you won’t know when you’ve got there, or how far you’ve come, or how much further you’ve got to go?  Knowing what your business will look like when it’s finished is crucial to building a successful enterprise.

  • The 12 Month Profit Multiplier Program and how to get the most out of it.
  • Why you need to start with the end in mind.
  • The Circle of Why and what it means in your business.
  • What’s in it for you?
  • Creating an inspiring Vision for your company.
  • Documenting your Mission statement.
  • Setting the Points of Culture for your company.
  • Creating a detailed business plan that’s used.
  • SMARTIE goals.
  • The Dream Board.
  • IVVM.
  • The Crucial 90 Day Plan.

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Month 2:  Time Mastery

You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself within time and make use of the minutes and hours that you have in every day to maximise what you can get done.  This module is about taking back control of your time and becoming a lean, mean, productivity machine.
  • Strategies to work On your Business instead of In it.
  • How to Measure Productivity.
  • The benefits of doing a Time Survey.
  • Time Leverage Mapping and how you can claw back your hours.
  • Boosting your productivity and focus with a Default Diary Creation.
  • Eating a Frog for Breakfast each day.
  • Why you should practice the Daily Planning Principles.
  • Schedules of Activities and how they can make sure you never miss a deadline.
  • How to create Key Performance Indicators for you and those that work with you.
  • Learning how saying No can bring you freedom.
  • How to identify and eliminate Time Thieves.
  • The best way of dealing with distractions – minimisation & prioritisation.
  • The Brain Dump Technique to control overwhelm.
  • Handy software tools to help with time and team management.

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Month 3:  Delivery Mastery

Being able to deliver your product or service consistently and persistently, meeting the demand and exceeding customer expectations is essential.  Being able to scale up that delivery to cater for growth and increased sales is vital for growth.  Without it, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot and your business will collapse.
  • Why you need The Nurturing Routine.
  • Finding out what your customers think.
  • How to Survey your Customers – Top tips.
  • Documenting the End to End Delivery Process.
  • The reasons why you need to be Testing & Measuring your Delivery.
  • How to create an efficient Training Program.
  • Systematisation – automating the 80% and personalising the 20%.
  • A, B, C, D – How to get the customers you want and fire the ones you don’t.

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Month 4:  Financial Mastery

I’m shocked when business owners only find out if they’ve made a profit when they get their yearly accounts back from their accountant.  This is madness for a business.  Not knowing your financial numbers and having control over them will result in disaster.  This part of the program concentrates on putting the financial structures in place to help you know exactly where you are at any time of the month.

  • How to create a Profit & Loss statement.
  • What’s the point of a Balance Sheet.
  • How to put together a 3 month Cashflow forecast & why it’s essential.
  • Why you need to know your Break Even point on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.
  • How to put together a Debtors system that brings in cash quicker.
  • What the Cash Gap is and how to reduce it.
  • Creating the best Key Performance Indicators Dashboard for your finances.

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Section 2:  Bringing in the Cashflow

Month 5:  Your Differentiation & Rock Solid Guarantee

If your business doesn’t stand head and shoulders above the rest in the sea of competition, then it’s going to be very difficult to compete.  In fact the only thing that a customer can compare you on will be PRICE.  And that’s a terrible way to do business.  There will always be someone who will undercut you on price and steal your clients.

  • Working out what your competitors are doing.
  • The three different types of Unique Selling Proposition.
  • How to come up with your 60 second Elevator Pitch.
  • Why you need to be using your Differentiator in all of your marketing, online and offline.
  • Why you need a rock solid, cast iron guarantee.
  • What the 3 Tens are and how to build them.
  • Determining who your ideal customers are and how to target them.

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Month 6:  Generating and Attracting Leads

Lead generation is the most expensive way of getting customers.  Most businesses burn money on their marketing.  They have no clue what’s working and what’s not.  This is absurd, but happens all the time.  This module is designed to turn your marketing into a money making machine.  Where you put £1 in the slot and it churns out £2, £3 or more… every time.

  • Why you should be Testing & Measuring everything.
  • What the Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value of your clients is.
  • The Marketing Maths and how to use it.
  • How to put together a Marketing Plan that’s used and works.
  • Why you need a CRM and how to make the most of it.
  • How to implement the ultimate Referral Process from your customers.
  • How to attract customers and get them coming to you.

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Month 7 & 8:  Social Media Marketing

Social Media isn’t going away anytime quickly.  In this section we cover how to make the most of your Social Media platforms to magnify the results of your marketing efforts.  The goal is to get people coming and asking you for help, rather than you having to try and find prospects.

  • What’s your overall Social Media Marketing strategy?
  • The Major Platforms and how you should be using them.
  • Creating content that grabs attention.
  • Video – The ultimate trust builder.
  • When you should and shouldn’t be “selling” to people on your Social Media.
  • Getting the most out of LinkedIn.
  • How to use Facebook to nurture your prospects.
  • The most effective way to use Twitter.
  • How Instagram fits into the big picture.
  • Why you need a YouTube channel and how to put one together.
  • The software Tools to make your life easier!
  • Where to use ads and how to best do it.

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Month 9:  Increasing your Conversion Rate

Do you know what your conversion rate is? Really? I mean your true conversion rate. The one where you track where all of your leads are coming from & then work out how many sales you’ve got from them. Through all the different ways your potential customers can communicate with you.  From Suspect to Prospect to Customer.

  • Find out how to know all the ways that a customer can contact you and measuring them.
  • Creating Sales Scripts that enable customers to Know, Like and Trust you.
  • Converting inbound calls into paying customers.
  • How to set sales targets for yourself and your staff.
  • Why your web site might be rubbish.
  • How to create Raving Fans.
  • How to implement a Referral program.
  • How to make every sales meeting convert into a sale using the Product Ladder.
  • How to write proposals that WIN contracts!

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Month 10:  Leveraging the Average Pound Spend of your Customers

Most business owners are leaving money on the table by not helping their customers to spend more with them.  You only need to make slight improvements to make a drastic difference to your profitability.  If a customer is already doing business with you then they will be open to spending more if you have products or services that they want.

  • How to work out what your Average Pound Spend is.
  • Why you should increase your prices and the best way to do this.
  • Using the Product Ladder to Up-Sell or Down-Sell.
  • Finding out what your McDonalds questions are.
  • Creating Cross-Selling, Bundling and Packaging promotions.
  • How to use Checklists to help your customers remember what to buy.
  • How to create a Customer Product Matrix and how that will boost profits.

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Month 11:  Increasing the Number of Customer Transactions

Once you’ve made a sale, you need to make another, and another, and another – to the same person. It costs six or seven times more to get a new customer as it does to sell to an existing one.  When people do business with you, they become a gold mine of opportunity.  Collecting their details, getting to know them, treating them as special and cultivating a relationship with them will help you to keep them coming back for more of the same stuff, and buying new products or services from you.  Value your customers!

  • How to underpromise and over-deliver.
  • Putting in place a consistent and reliable delivery system to keep your customers smiling.
  • Ways to keep in touch with your customers that will add value to their lives.
  • How to create subscription services that will keep the cash flowing month after month.
  • Implementing a VIP loyalty program to reward your A Grade customers.
  • The Customer Loyalty Ladder and how to move customers up the rungs.
  • Creating social events to cement friendship with your best customers.
  • Looking for “churn” consumable items that can bring in consistent income.

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Month 12:  Boosting you Profit Margins

Obviously Margins are what you make after all costs have been deducted.  So, any increase you make to your profit margin on a product is clean, pure profit.  The exciting thing is that the tiniest of improvements can equate to huge differences in your bank balance.

  • How to create a Profit Margin Analysis to see which products/services you are making the highest margins on.
  • Increasing the sales of the Big Margin products.
  • How to stop discounting and burning your cash.
  • The single biggest thing you can do to increase your annual profits by 10%.
  • Sacking your C & D Grade Customers.
  • How to reduce the costs of running your business.
  • Reducing, Recycling and “Rapidising” your business.

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What you’ll get…

Weekly 1 hour sessions over Zoom with me.  That means that there’s no travelling involved and you can attend from the comfort of your own home.  The sessions are in the evening, so they won’t interfere with your working day.

You get a one-to-one 90 minute Strategy Session to start the program off.

Each weekly session is recorded, so if you miss one then you can catch up.

You’ll get an “Accountability Buddy” to support you through the program and encourage you.

You’ll be on an exclusive FaceBook group where you can post comments or questions.

Every 90 days you get a face to face session at Mallory Court hotel for the entire day to create a 3 month plan for your business (if you live nearby).

You also get membership of the monthly BookCLUB in Leamington, if it’s not geographically challenging for you to get to.

You receive unlimited email access to me too.

Act now…

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I’ll add this guarantee:  If you aren’t 100% happy with any of the modules on this course, then I’ll refund that month’s money with no questions asked.  That’s how confident I am that you’ll reap huge rewards from this program.