Today I thought I’d talk about the AIDA principle. It seems to be massively under-used by people on web sites, social media posts, brochures, business cards and so on.

A – You’ve got to get people’s Attention. Without doing this then the game is over.

I – If your copy is as dull as dish water, then you won’t get anywhere. So keep people’s Interest. Be cryptic, ask questions, drop bomb shells… however you decide to do it. Just keep them interested. Telling a story is one of the best ways to do this. Poking pain points is also a great way to keep their interest.

D – Start building a Desire for whatever it is you’re trying to promote. Show people how it solves their problems and eases their pain.

A – Make sure you include a call to Action at the end. It has to be strong. Encourage them to act now, as there’s rarely second chance for you to interact with them.

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