The Kiwi Coach to Kent Business Owners

Specialising in developing winning teams and embedding performance cultures in organisations.  With a proven world class track record with Businesses in UK and globally.

Pete has the versatility, experience and most importantly… desire… to work with any individual/team/business/organisation big or small and inspire them to achieve their potential.

Prepare to be stretched and challenged and to step out of your comfort zone.

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My mission is to inspire business owners to have a business that successfully runs without them so the money they make helps them to have more family and personal time.

Tiger Woods said “Without a coach, you simply cannot achieve your very best”…which may seem like a sweeping statement, but true.
Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, is a pretty good testimonial to that statement – all the best have a coach.
My short term mission is to inspire and empower over 5200 business owners and impact 53000 lives. I would like you to be one of them. Our journey will be both painful and fun…and will lead to everything you ever wanted.

Everyone Needs a Coach

Why you should have a Coach!!!

Whether you are an athlete, a performer, a business owner or CEO everyone needs a coach, as explained by Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)

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