How To Build More Profit In Your Business

If you’re building a house, it’s important to have a plan and lay foundations.
The same applies when it comes to building a business.

We have helped numerous plumbers, builders, electricians, carpenters, plasterers and decorators over the past few years and now we’ve decided to share how they have achieved business growth.

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What does this workshop cover?

We will show you proven strategies and tactics to grow your business.
Whether you offer a service, products or a mixture of both, you will come away with clear focus on how you can spend more time working on your business rather than in your business.

The info we will be sharing is tailored to trades, you can be sure that what you come away with is related to your business.

This is a perfect opportunity to network with others in the trade, suppliers and related services. It’s worth attending just for that.

If you’re looking to add more profit and grow your business, you can not afford to miss out.

As with any job, it’s a lot easier to complete when you have a plan in place.

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PS – if you don’t take action to grow your business now, will your competition?

02 May 2018

16.15pm to 19.00pm


Paxcroft, Hilperton , Trowbridge

01373 801234