ActionCOACH are joining forces with Croner HR for an interactive workshop on essential Employment Law Updates and learning some simple methods to light a fire within your organisation.

You should be there if you want to-

Reconnect with the core values of why your business exists

Push that message from top to bottom

See a real difference in your companies performance quickly

Here are some UK stats that might explain why your Company isn’t performing anywhere near its potential:-

  • 14% of the workforce are highly engaged – that’s to say that they do more than expected
  • 66% of the workforce are disengaged – that’s to say they do what is expected
  • 20% of the workforce is highly disengaged – that’s to say that they do less than expected.

Where do you think your Company fits?

Often as a Company grows, the direct line of sight to the original mission and culture has become foggy or even lost. With a lack of clear direction along with a set of guiding core values, most larger Companies become havens to those with a mentality of “ME” rather than “WE”.

As new people come into the organisation they often follow the majority and if that’s a majority of “ME”s then that’s where they stay.

As business leaders its critical to re-engage the team to give them back their purpose and make some discoveries on the way. With a re-energised and re-engaged workforce, the Company will be a high performing fun place to work which will attract the people and the customers that you want.

We tend to find people naturally network with other delegates and you never know your next best customer might be in the room so stay on for a sandwich and bring plenty of business cards.

It’s never too late to challenge the culture that exists and start creating a new one if the old one isn’t serving you or your Company well.

16 Jan 2019

09.30am to 13.00pm


Eveleigh Avenue , Bath