In this short session, Brian will introduce you to the #1 involuntary micro facial expression you absolutely need to be aware of when you see it in your clients and colleagues, and when you make it (because you do!), and what to do about it.

A Certified Non Verbal Communications Trainer, Brian holds a Diploma in Behaviour Analysis and Investigative Interviewing, and a Masters (MSc) in Communication, Behaviour & Credibility Analysis.

As a sought after speaker, most recently at the largest financial planning conferences in the UK, Brian is also the third highest rated sole practitioner, Independent Financial Adviser in the UK.  Understanding what people are thinking without them having to tell you (is that mind reading?), is key to success.

What’s the first thing you notice about someone? If you’re like most people, you’ll say ‘the eyes’. But you’d be wrong.

Brian has a young family, is a ski instructor and endurance athlete. You can follow him on Twitter @kinesicsFS

Our vision is to be the hub for progress in every business in our community… that means every business with an owner who is passionate about moving their business forward regardless of the environment and who is keen to learn to build the best business they can.

But… in the current climate this is hard to do.

Get to grips with the new reality, things have changed more change is to come, no matter what you had or hadn’t planned for this year this probably wasn’t included We help you through this situation.

Weekly webinar Tuesdays 8.30am and Opening Coaching / Business Surgery Fridays 10am

Guest Speakers include

Jim Lawless – International Keynote Speaker / Motivational Speaker

Alison Edgar – The Entrepreneur’s Godmother/ Sales Training

Jonathan Sherwin – Bathcomms – Digital Solutions Expert – Gettign the web to work for you.

Paul Dunn – 4-time TEDx speaker, Global Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Accounting Profession – even though he’s very definitely NOT an Accountant!Chairman of the revolutionary B1G1 has been featured in leading-edge publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Trendwatching, Springwise and online through the key technology newsletter Mashable, as well as Voice of America.

Philip Hesketh – Keynote / Motivational Speaker

Jim James – Public Relations / Communications expert 

02 Jun 2020

08.30am to 09.30am