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Joanne Rolliston – Engage and Grow!

Joanne Rolliston is an inspired motivational leader who takes pride in bringing out the best in people, by creating a happy and thriving work-place.

Through the cultivation of engagement and inspiring employees to truly embrace the values and goals of the company, Joanne enables businesses to increase their effectiveness, productivity and prosper.

“My mission is to create an engaged team through support, honesty, respect, common sense and fun so people love what they do. ”

says Joanne.

Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching


Stress to Well Being Coach

01373 801234

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Alison Clarke- State of Mind Coach

Are you sacrificing your business results because you are in the wrong frame of mind?

“You know how there are some day when you have a head full of thinking, you feel stressed, low, unmotivated and disengaged, struggling to have any clarity or to hear your own wisdom about what is the next right thing to do and you end up feeling stressed and stuck.

And then there are other days when you have a clear mind, everything flows, you are productive, time seems to stretch and you feel good about the world….and yet events and circumstances are the same as they were the day before- it was just how you were seeing them that had changed.

It might look like we need to make drastic changes to our external world to have more of those kind of days and feel happier,  but that is based on a simple misunderstanding.

As a coach I help people have more days with a clear head and to understand where their feelings are coming from, which leads to better productivity, better decision making, more peace of mind and ease of life- who wouldn’t want some of that?!”

Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching


Business Administration Apprentice


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Estefania joined the team in November of 2018 as the Admin, Events and Marketing Apprentice.

She is studying a Business Administration qualification in Frome.

A lot of the behind the scenes work is down to her, she records and edits the Apprentices weekly video that airs every Friday. She is responsible for booking meeting rooms, and ensuring everything runs smoothly in office.

Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching

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