Sorry if that was a bit click-baity!!

We all know there is no silver bullet to business success…..however, following the suggestions here will go a long way towards helping you achieve it.

It is the dream of most entrepreneurs to hear that their business has become the “next big thing” in the eyes of its customers. For most business owners, this is the single driving force behind everything that they do. All of the long work weeks, sleepless nights, stress-filled days, and agonizing decision-making are to make their dream become reality.

Unfortunately, reality does not typically work like that.

A common element in small business success stories is that the owners did more than just put in long workweeks- they had the right attitude.

These are key elements that will help guide professional transformation, as well as a personal one.

These transformations are a crucial part of becoming a success story.


1. Remain relevant and professional 

I know this sounds really obvious but your “off day” cannot be transmitted to your clients, customers or staff. If you are starting the day caught up in thinking, try to imagine leaving it at the door of the building as you enter. You can always pick it up on your way out….believe me it will still be there, no-one else wants to take your thinking home with them!

2. Maintain a proactive approach to problem-solving

Initiate a solution – don’t just wait for a problem to happen to you.

Being one step ahead of issues, rather than burying your head in the sand and living on hope saves time in the long run. To find fresh new thought for an issue get quiet. New solutions don’t come from a busy mind.

3. Care about others

In order to differentiate your business from the competition go the extra mile and exceed expectations. Think of transactions in terms of service and always keep it customer focused- ask yourself “what else of value can we give”. Successful entrepreneurs focus on serving and providing their customers and buyers with what they want and what they need.

People buy from people. The way in which you conduct yourself makes all the difference with your clients. People rarely make a decision based on price anymore….they decide on experience. If they enjoy a better experience with you they are likely to want to continue the relationship. Always be authentic. Never make your entire focus about the selling of the product.

4. Everything is feedback- look for the gift

 Adversity is an ever-present part of being a business owner and a human being. Life happens. Even the most successful of business owners have been through at least one major crisis at some point in their lives and what makes the difference is resilience.

Having a belief in your innate wellbeing will serve you well through challenging times and looking for the gift, which is always there even if it is currently covered up by a big pile of dirt, will keep your focus on moving forward rather than getting stuck.

5. Be ok with not knowing

 Change is an inevitable part of life and business. Acknowledging and accepting change helps you to move through it elegantly and effectively. Resisting change is where we come un-stuck and create problems and suffering for our self and our business.

6. Remember we all live in separate realities

 What looks real and true to you may not look real and true to someone else. In order to foster better business, and personal relationships, step into the other persons’ reality. Consider how they are seeing the world and what must be going on for them to have the opinion that they have. Don’t try to force your truth on to someone else. Respect that we are all doing the best with what is going on in our minds in any moment.

The thing is there is no silver bullet. Adopting the above attitudes will go a long way towards making the journey more enjoyable and fun….which is the last thing I would like to add- always have fun.

By all means have a bad half hour, but don’t make it into a bad day.