Attention all sales people!!! Bath Business Coaching

Did you know that you have super powers? Bath Business Coaching

And did you also know that most sales people use their super powers against themselves? Bath Business Coaching

Read through the following and see if any of these apply to you sometimes Bath Business Coaching


  • My wellbeing feels as if it is attached to meeting my end of month targets. 
  • I struggle with criticism and often take things personally. 
  • I am not able to enjoy achievements and I am always looking to the next thing, wanting more. 
  • I am neglecting my relationships outside my business and I have become a bit self-absorbed worrying about what others think of me in the business. 
  • I am motivated by money, frequently checking the figures with a sense of unhealthy urgency or neediness. 
  • I often feel I am in survival, as if my reputation, security, job and or business is at stake. 
  • I struggle to see beyond the end of each month and have lost sight of the bigger picture. 
  • I always want to get things right and not make mistakes and I find that stifles my creativity. 
  • I feel as if I am only as good as my results. 


Be honest, do any of these apply to you? Bath Business Coaching

Because if they do then you are seriously limiting your sales potential. Bath Business Coaching

All of the above ideas arrive in our minds via thoughts. We can’t stop the thoughts popping in to our mind, and the fact that they do actually isn’t a problem. What is a problem is when we believe them and then act as if they are true. 

We mostly don’t even notice them arrive, some of them may have arrived years ago. They hide inside us as uncomfortable, tight feelings in our body that we try to ignore and yet the effects are felt in our words and actions and can keep us awake at night. 

These are what we in the coaching world call limiting beliefs……or what I call  thoughts believed. 

In the moment they look true, keep reinforcing them week on week and they look even more true, repeat them monthly and they start to look as if they are part of who we are and how life is. 

Through a process of what we in the coaching business call “un-picking” we help you to look at your thoughts and your limiting beliefs in order that you achieve different results. 

Remember the mantra “Just because a thought is in my head, doesn’t mean it’s true.” 

Read through the list again above and consider what the sales results of someone who believed some of those thoughts to be true would be 

Then, read through the list below, which are the counter beliefs-  

  • My well-being is unconditional, “I am ok however this goes”. 
  • Criticism and failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. 
  • Each accomplishment is worth celebration however small. 
  • My relationships are enhanced and deepened. 
  • I am motivated by the desire to create for the sheer joy of it. 
  • I operate from a sense of clarity and well being which supports better performance. Well-being 1st, results 2nd. Security is an interpersonal experience and reputation is made up. 
  • My sense of self bears no correlation to achievements. Who I am is not my results. 
  • My focus is broader, and I am seeing, hearing and noticing more. 
  • I focus on improvement, learning and discovery which opens up more creativity. 


Which of the two lists, believed, would bring better results do you think? 

Which list makes you “feel better” when you read it. What state of mind does each of them put you in? 

At this point it may be, that going through your mind is…okay then, so all I need to do is believe something different and my performance will be better? 

Let me simplify it for you- 

Do nothing. 

Just know that it is all thought. All of it. 

And the thoughts know nothing about what you are capable of, they know nothing of your infinite ability to create. They know nothing about who you really are? 

The only real way to consistently perform at your peak capacity to sell is this- 

Have an empty mind. Have no stories. No beliefs. 

Be open to your limitless creativity that, with a quiet mind, knows exactly what to say and when to say it, because it is completely present and listening in the moment and not caught up in any misunderstanding, self talk or sabotage.  

That is your super power! 


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