The working environment has changed.

That is undoubtably one of the biggest understatements over the last year, as many businesses have had to alter their strategies, teams and even their business as a whole. At The Progress Shed, we adapted and evolved the way we connect with our clients, in a way which is accessible, effective and most importantly, safe.

Specialising in different areas, the team have been able to lend their skills to a wide variety of tasks. From recruiting for businesses still looking to grow in Lockdown, to creating and implementing survival plans for business feeling the complete impact of COVID-19. One of the biggest challenges we have helped businesses overcome is how to maintain a healthy and engaged workforce, while everyone is distant from the office.

Employee engagement is what drives long term success. By ensuring that each employee is focused and dedicated to the long-term ambition of you company, you can reach it. One study (7 Gallup Workplace Insights: What We Learned in 2020) found that, remote workers can have a higher rate of engagement than employees based in the office. The only caveat to this, is that the higher rates are only hit with the right managerial feedback being delivered at the right times.

This study looks at the difference which can be made based on four separate intervals for feedback. Once (or less than) a year, a few times per year, a few times per month and a few times per week. It was discovered that, when receiving feedback from their manager once a year, the engagement rate for employees stood at around 10% for people who worked remotely less than 10% of the time and those which worked remotely 80-100% of the time. It was the people who worked within these percentages who had 19% engagement when receiving feedback from their manager only once a year. For employees working 80-100% remotely (the majority of many workforces right now), this figure goes up over 6x when employees receive feedback a few times per week from their manager (63%).

Looking into the trends discovered here, another link was made within the management of engagement in the workforce. Managers have a stronger influence on employee ‘burnouts’ and productivity. It was discovered that, prior to 2020, 76% of employees suffered burnout when at work. With the added COVID-19 concerns, home-schooling and constant uncertainty, it is no surprise that this level is likely to increase. By feeding back to your employees, giving them reassurance and support when needed, the levels of engagement and satisfaction will rise.

This is where we help. Our team engagement programmes ensure that you will see the best possible return from your team, progressing you to your potential. There are many factors which come into play to ensure that your goals are achieved. The right feedback in the right amounts at the right times, instilling your company’s story correctly so that your employees know what makes you different from everyone else, and making sure your employees know what their goals and KPIs are.

High work satisfaction, positive wellbeing and engagement rates are vital to the performance of not just your team, but your business itself. With a positive and healthy team, you can achieve great things, even working remotely.