Through increasing your PROFITS, freeing up your TIME and increasing your ‘MULTIPLE’

Have a business where you choose when you work, if at all – Have a business that can be sold for what you want, when you want.

More Profit &/or Time: Learn more about how you can quickly and easily increase your profits whilst developing your and your teams skills to increasingly free you up from your business.

Bigger Multiple of Earnings: Learn what your business is currently worth and understand how you can quickly and easily increase its value through improving its ‘multiple’ -whilst also making it more ‘sellable’.

Value Your Business: Have your business valued and/or learn more about how your valuations are made, where the strengths and weaknesses are in your business, in more ways than just through its balance sheet, and how to improve them to further increase its value.

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Client Story - Maximum Precision

Here’s Gareth and Jimmy’s story about how coaching with Rich Wainwright has led to revenue increasing by 423%, gross profit by 344% and net profit by 230% whilst their hours worked have reduced by 65%.

3 years ago they were both working 80 hours a week, 70 of them on machines. Today, they work 30 hours a week each, 0 hours on machines.

Meanwhile, government statistics say that British Manufacturing is in trouble and the industry is still more than 5% smaller than it was before the 2008 crash!

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