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You started or bought your business to have the best life you could imagine with enough time and money to do the things you enjoy and share it with people that matter… and because you have worked hard you have achieved some of these things.

However, you sometimes think that, for the effort you put in, you should be getting more from your business, or that it should be much easier and a lot more fun You have bigger aspirations, bigger dreams for your life and you are asking yourself ‘HOW?… How can I get more from my business?  How can I get my business to give me the life of my dreams?’.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with many hundreds of business owners who, when we first met, were thinking the same thoughts and asking the same questions.  With over 12 years dedicated to the study of business combined with the experience of working with hundreds of business owners like you, I understand it, I know how it feels, and importantly I know how to change things, I know how to guide you to build your business to deliver the life of your dreams.


  1. DEFINE – The life of your dreams
  2. DEVELOP – Your business and your people’s performance
  3. DELIVER – The life of your dreams

Awards Clients Have Received:

  • IoD East of England ‘Young Director of the Year’
  • EMEA ‘Employee Engagement & Culture Business of the Year’
  • EMEA Finalist ‘Best Manufacturer / Wholesaler’
  • South Cambridgeshire ‘Medium Sized Business of the Year’

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“Don’t live the same year over and over and over again and call it a life”

More TimeMore MoneyMore Life

Client Story - Maximum Precision

Here’s Gareth and Jimmy’s story about how coaching with Rich Wainwright has led to revenue increasing by 423%, gross profit by 344% and net profit by 230% whilst their hours worked have reduced by 65%.

3 years ago they were both working 80 hours a week, 70 of them on machines. Today, they work 30 hours a week each, 0 hours on machines.

Meanwhile, government statistics say that British Manufacturing is in trouble and the industry is still more than 5% smaller than it was before the 2008 crash!

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