A fun fundraising event in support of Wetwheels Yorkshire.

How quickly can you grow a real business – a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you having to be there?

How quickly will you be able to bounce back from the adversities you’ll encounter along the way?

The Leverage Board game will test your business decision-making skills and your resilience as you compete with other business owners, have a lot of fun and raise money for Wetwheels Foundation in support of Wet wheels Yorkshire, the only Wetwheels power boat on the Yorkshire coast designed to be driven by people confined to a wheelchair.

6 Boards. only 36 places

22 Mar 2019

18.00pm to 22.00pm

from £35+VAT

St Nicholas Cliff , Scarborough

07818 646672

Read more about Wetwheels Yorkshire at wetwheelsyorkshire.com