Do you believe that your employees are your most important asset? I mean truly believe? Do you invest in them? Care about them, engage with them? Do you see them as leaders who you listen to and encourage to do more than is strictly required by their job description so that they become profit centres for your business?

Or do you lie awake at night worrying about your disengaged employees, their lack of productivity, their absenteeism, poor timekeeping, unreliability, their drain on your profits and the time you have to spend cleaning up their mistakes?

Only 8% are highly engaged

Regardless of our beliefs, a Gallup survey found that on average only 8% of employees in UK businesses are highly engaged. The rest are either just showing up each day to do the bare minimum and collect their pay, or are actually so highly disengaged that they’re proactively sabotaging your business. You may recognise them sitting sullenly in meetings, crossed arms, tapping their toes, checking their watch and bad mouthing you to others in the team behind your back or posting negative comments on social media.

The cost to UK business of disengaged employees is on average at least 34% of your wages bill according to Gallup. I’d invite you to pause and calculate that figure for your own business. That’s:

(34% x [your payroll]) x 92%.

Does that make your eyes water?

Engage & Grow programme

As a business coach, I’ve found that many business owners struggle to deal with the problem of employee disengagement. As the business grows, it can become harder to build and maintain strong relationships with everyone on the team. And of course our own leadership skills might need some work too.

I trained as an Engage & Grow certified coach especially to help business owners fix this problem. You see, I believe systems run a business. I hope you do too. If you don’t have systems, you’ll never have a successful business because you, the business owner, will always need to be in it. And that’s not a true business. A real, successful business is a “commercial profitable enterprise that works without you having to be there”. So I help business owners develop and implement the systems to help the business grow.

What I was finding though was that the biggest obstacle getting in the way of the smooth running of the business (the systems) was the team responsible for running the systems.

If your employees are not engaged, if they don’t care about you, your business, others in the team, if all they care about is Me, then your systems won’t work. So I really believe that employee engagement has to be the number 1 strategy for business growth.

And I was excited and interested when I found the Engage & Grow programme. This programme helps to fix the big challenge of employee disengagement in just 12 weeks and I’ve run it many times now so I know that’s true.

It’s not your usual staff training programme

You may have sent some of your leaders away on courses before and then wondered why they struggle to implement what they’ve learned on their return. Well, that’s like taking a fish out of a dirty fish bowl, putting it into a clean fish bowl to learn new skills and then returning it to the dirty bowl – it doesn’t have a chance! With my programme, we do all the work in-house – and clean up the bowl as we go!

It’s completely unique. We meet for one hour a week for 12 weeks with up to 12 of your team in the group and we work together to turn the group into high performing leaders who will, in turn, help turn others into highly engaged employees by a ripple effect.

When you get your people to care about your business, when you get the heart of your business pumping faster, the blood moves quicker to the brain so that the brain-based elements of your business (like your systems) are resolved automatically. It’s fun and it’s endorsed as level 7 by Qualifi, the regulated awarding organisation.

Results every time

Results from all the programmes I’ve run have been quite staggering. We measure employee engagement at the start – it’s typically been 0% highly engaged. The highest score to date has been 24% highly engaged. Then we measure again at the end and I’ve seen results in just 12 weeks as high as 80% highly engaged. Some people – especially HR leaders who have become cynical through lack of results – don’t believe this is possible. In May I was ranked number 1 Engage & Grow coach in the UK and 10th in the world and I’m happy for you to speak with any of my clients to check the programme out.

Some business owners and HR leaders have told me they’re too busy recruiting to think about running this programme. I say Stop! What is the point of recruiting until you’ve cleaned up your fish bowl? You’ll just bring in new people who’ll see what everyone else is doing and copy that. Instead, what we’ve found with this programme is that, once we turn disengaged employees into highly engaged employees, productivity goes through the roof and you probably don’t need to recruit anyway.

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So, if you’re fed up with sleepless nights worrying about your employees, you want more profit, more time and a happy healthy business, this programme could be your answer. All you have to do is get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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