It really happened.

I was alone in my office watching videos. It wasn’t any old videos but a brand new interactive videobook course all about leadership and employee engagement, hot topics dear to my heart because they’re impacting just about every business I know that has over 5 employees. You can access them too by clicking here.

Click on the link, use my code RJ1 with my compliments and take loads of notes! Enjoy learning from the world’s top business coaches on how to develop great leadership, maximise your employee engagement and business productivity. And remember we all need help, we all need structure. It can take courage to ask is the thing.

I heard a rustling sound coming from my walk-in cupboard.

Stopped the video. No sound. Back to the video.

The video course is 10 short pieces of discussion between 4 of the world’s top experts on leadership, employee engagement and business growth. But I kept being interrupted by this rustling noise.

I stood up and went to the cupboard door. I swear I felt a presence behind that door. Something was in there. And I was all alone. There was no way I was going to open that door.

I went back to the videos.

Amazing golden nuggets are scattered throughout and I was making loads of notes to pass on to my clients when that rustling started again. I couldn’t stand it anymore. What could I do?

My office is one of many in a repurposed large old house. I went down the corridor and found the door of another business’s office open and 3 guys I knew inside. “Can you help me please?” I asked feeling a bit embarrassed to be so feeble. “There’s something in my cupboard. And I think it’s a rat or a bat and I don’t want to open the door alone”.

They leapt to my help, accompanied me back to my office and bravely opened the cupboard door.

A little blue tit flew out!

I was so relieved. It must have got in there through the hole in the cupboard ceiling that leads down from the loft of the building.

It happily flew out out of the open windows and calm was restored. I was so grateful for the guys’ help! I went back to finish the videobook.

It takes just a couple of hours to work through but you can follow it in smaller chunks over time if you prefer. Just click here to access it for yourself.

In the very last chapter – though I don’t want to spoil the ending for you – the four speakers led by Dr Marshall Goldsmith all agree that we all need help. Everything in the videos makes complete sense but we are human. And we all need help. We just need to find the courage to ask for it. It’s a good thing. It stops the rustling in the cupboard and we can release something beautiful from the dark place it’s trapped in (Marshall didn’t say that bit but I made the analogy with my blue tit experience!)

The video course is full of wisdom and insights from the world’s top leaders in employee engagement and leadership. Employee disengagement is at an all time high throughout the world and it’s affecting the culture and bottom line of every business whether we’re brave enough to acknowledge this or not. I’m very excited to share this course with you here. Just click this link here and you can start it today. It’s priced at $99 (around £80) but because of my connections with these 4 (just saying … ), I have a coupon code that will let you have it for free*. It’s RJ1.

Click on the link.

Let me know what you think.

* My coupon code has 100 uses so don’t delay! It’s RJ1.