Have you ever injured yourself while doing something you enjoy?

I injured my Achilles tendon while out for a run last summer. If that’s happened to you, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s extremely painful. It was the worst running injury I’d suffered in twelve years of long distance running.

I allowed it to be a massive setback for me.

It took only a few months to heal physically but changed the way I thought about running because I was afraid that the injury might happen again. I allowed Fear to hold me back from one of my favourite activities.

Fortunately, I shared this fear with a good friend who listened to me, empathised, then held a metaphorical mirror up for me so I could see what I was allowing to happen (lose my physical fitness and the other good things associated with that).

Now I’m back in my trainers and the only pain (which I quite like in a weird way because it’s proof of progress) is muscle soreness as I get stronger again.

I know it’s not just me. So I’m curious: when have you allowed fear to hold you back from being your best and how did you overcome it?

It’s the same in business.

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