We recently needed to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Technology has marched on since the last one we bought. The model we chose turned out to have lights fitted at the front – headlights! I couldn’t really see the point at first – who vacuums in the dark?

But then, as I took my new gadget for its test drive into the corners of my house and under the furniture, I realised that the lights were really showing up dusty patches and the odd cobweb I hadn’t noticed before. And of course the vacuum cleaner was equipped with attachments for cleaning up these areas.

I was quite excited, I have to tell you! It was one of those BFO* moments.

I’m sometimes asked what I do as a business coach and there was my answer. I help shine a light on the problem areas of a business that the owner hadn’t previously been aware of (or has maybe chosen to ignore). And then I provide tools for dealing with them that will make your life so much easier.

If you’re interested in how I might be able to help you provide a confidential external perspective on your business, please get in touch for a conversation. BFOs guaranteed!

If you want more than your business is bringing you right now, want to work less hours and have more fun in your life, and you’ve been in business more than 2 years, it’s important that you take action. Click the link here to  get in touch.

I look forward to speaking soon. Till then …

* Blinding Flash of the Obvious!

PS:  By the way, there’s really never been a more crucial time for you to be both different and better than your competitors.