Picture this! You turn up to your business on Monday morning, park your car and walk in to Reception. There’s a line of 50 people waiting for you. They all want to do business with you. Because your raving fan customers told them how amazing you are.

Imagine how that feels!

Sometimes, we’re so busy chasing the next new lead that it’s easy to forget to keep our existing customers happy. When we delight them consistently by providing a good product or service, answering their questions, being friendly and helpful … and then some, they’ll often go out of their way to tell all their own contacts about how wonderful you are without you even having to ask.

If you’re not quite at the raving fan rung of the ladder, you can still have a referral strategy in place. You ask people to refer prospects to you in return for some incentive – a bottle of Champagne, a gift voucher, or something particularly related to your business.

The two next challenges for you then might be (1) could you continue to deliver consistently if you had a sudden rush of new customers? And (2) how are you planning to reward your referrers?

Above all, and as always, have fun with this! 😊