Have you ever really wondered how important roundabouts are for our road network? This might sound a random question but please stay with me!

I thought about this when I was driving home recently using my Sat Nav to show me the way. I became a little mesmerised as it guided me to each roundabout and instructed me which exit to take.

Roundabouts actually reduce the number of roads we need to use if you think about it simplistically. If we head off north until we get to a roundabout, some of us will carry on going north, others may need to turn east, others west – some may need to go back the way they’ve come (all depending on the number of exits of course but I said this was simplistic … ). Those of us who turn east then arrive at another roundabout where we can take the exit to continue driving east, or we can change directions to north, or south. And so it goes on until we arrive at our destination.

But the Sat Nav wouldn’t be able to tell us which exit to take if we hadn’t programmed in our desired destination. We have to know where we’re going. Otherwise, we’d just aimlessly and randomly choose the exit to take, and either get lost or end up just where we started.

And so in business, some people tell me they follow no plan. They just consider opportunities as they arise. OK. That’s one way. But how much easier, quicker and more productive your business journey would be if you had a clear idea of where you wanted to take your business and a clear list of actions you need to take to get you there.

In my business coaching practice we start by getting real clarity on your long term vision or destination. Then we chunk it right down to where you want to be in 5 years, 3 years, 2 years, one year. And where do you need to be in the next 90 days to be on track for the long term journey?

I’m holding a 90 day planning and strategising workshop in York on 4th October. This is for business owners and their teams to take time out of the business for a day to work ON the business. The change of environment means you get to think differently, have an opportunity to meet with other businesses, come up with lots of new ideas and BFOs* and have some fun – all on the same day!

Delegates will leave with a clear one-page roadmap of what to do between October and the end of December to get them where they want to be. One of my clients reported that she tripled her revenue and multiplied her profit by 300% as a result of coming to these workshops.

If you’d like to know more, just get in touch.

*Blinding Flashes of the Obvious