Rupert brings over 20 years of experience working in and running a range of businesses from small SMEs to large operational units in the public sector. He has led major change programmes, and innovative digital projects as well as playing a key role in successfully managing a number of national emergencies.  He brings a passion for great leadership and inspiring team engagement to the role of helping other business owners fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Committed to helping others succeed and enjoy the success of their dreams he has coached business owners, executives, teams and volunteers with a wide range of roles and skills to help them excel and fulfil their full potential.  He is an experienced executive, coach, mentor and trainer, with a wide range of experience working in high pressure, high risk fields. His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the people he works with develop, succeed and achieve their goals in business and life.

You can expect Rupert to be your rock in times of trouble, and your greatest fan when you succeed.  Naturally diplomatic and calm, he will provide support and advice when you need it, and challenge you to exceed your expectations.  Naturally analytical he will help you dig deep into your business, and build a strong relationship committed to your success even if he has to provide occasional doses of “tough love” to keep your business producing great results.