Reasons to NOT hire me as your business performance coach Reasons to not use me as your business performance coach

Reasons to NOT hire me as your business performance coach

I can assist you with Business Performance Coaching

There are some great reasons to invest in a  business coaching program.   There are also lots of reasons to NOT hire me as your business performance coach.

For example, if you want guidance and support with your business.  Or if there’s a specific skill or some knowledge that you need to learn in order to be your best self.  

But there are also a lot of reasonsnot  to hire a  business performance coach.  

For example…

1. Someone told you to :  Don’t hire a coach just because you feel like you “should”  

I don’t agree to coach someone who has been told to get  business performance coaching. This is usually  a person who has upset the applecart  at work. They have faults galore , and nothing or no one seems to be able to get through to them. So, their boss or the board decides, let’s get someone else in to fix the problem.   Someone who can talk some sense into them.

Nope. This will not work.  You really need just one thing  to benefit from coaching —a willingness to change. You have to have realised change is necessary and positive and that it’s something you want.   Maybe you are sick and tired of who you are and are ready for some kind of system reset.  Or maybe you now realise that the feedback you have been getting  is actually true.  Without this motivation, no coach is going to be able to make a difference with you.

Because really good  business performance coaches are a substantial investment.  I’m not going to stroke your ego and make you feel like King of the hill ( or Queen).   My job as a coach is to point out all of the damaging stuff you are doing that no one else is going to tell you (because they don’t want to get fired). I’m not here to make you  feel amazing. I’m here to push and poke and reveal the parts of you that you don’t want to see. The bits not on your CV.   The bits you put in a box and forget about.

3.      You just want to someone to listen to you 

Having a  business performance coach isn’t about you talking and talking and talking.  That means there is a lot of listening and doing.  If you don’t want to do the work, I am not for you.

4.      You don’t have time for personal or organisational change

Don’t hire me if you are not going to make my time with you a priority.  If you are so disorganised it takes weeks to find an open hour on your calendar just to get started with coaching, if you have no room for reflection and experimentation, if you don’t have the bandwidth for change — if any of these sound like you, you’re not cut out for coaching, at least not right now.   If you are going to turn up for our sessions out of breath and unprepared  haven’t looked at your notes or completed the actions we contracted this isn’t a good use of time for either one of us. Best to wait  until there is some breathing space in your calendar.

5.      You don’t really want anyone to know you are working with a coach

If your environment is one where having a  business performance coach is equivalent to admitting a weakness, that you need help,  you are unlikely to succeed.   When you hire me it is helpful to have access to the whole business.  To see how you are with your team and how they respond to you. Without this kind of access I can’t really see the whole picture.

This means you’re going to have to be willing to tell your team that you are working with me and that they are going to see some changes.


Don’t hire a  business  performance coach if you’re looking for someone to do the work and build your business for you.  Because that’s not what a good coach will do

Don’t hire a  business performance coach that makes you feel awkward or afraid.   Choose someone who makes you think. because its a long term relationship

Yes, coaching can be incredibly useful. Because It’s as close to a shortcut as you’re going to get in my opinion. 

But it’s not a substitute for actually doing the work yourself.  

In most cases, I don’t think it makes sense to hire a  business  performance coach, free or paid, until you can accept that you may need help and feel curious enough to explore what value a  performance coach might provide. Because it is a big investment we want to make sure its the right one for both of us.  

Once you’re at that point, I’m happy to help you work out whether now is the right time for you and, if it is, whether or not I’m the right coach for you.   

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