Getting in the Growth Zone

Now is a more important time than ever to develop a growth mindset by channeling your fear into focus. It starts with asking yourself: “Who do I want to be during the Covid-19 pandemic?” 

Fear Zone

  • I search and share everything I can find about Covid-19
  • I get irritated easily
  • I panic buy
  • I act like a victim searching for who to blame
  • I hoard things I don’t need

Learning Zone

  • I start to let go of control
  • I stop consuming that which causes me harm, from the news to what I eat and drink
  • I make a program for myself to make use of the time
  • I recognise that everyone is doing their best whilst facing an extremely complex situation
  • I look for opportunities

Growth Zone

  • I think about others and how I can be of help
  • I live in the NOW with a clear picture of what’ NEXT
  • I am not in a waiting room or “in-between” … THIS IS LIFE
  • Be appreciative, be grateful

How to get into the Growth Zone and Mindset:

  • Adopt daily rituals and refine your daily routine
  • Manage negative emotions through observation rather than suppressing or expressing them
  • Create defined spaces for specific purposes: an office for work, a corner for meditation, etc.
  • Continue to dress smart and sharp as you would when normally working on your business
  • Find the small wins everyday

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from achieving your goals. 
Fear is often the outcome of your mind creating false expectations which you believe to be real. 
Push beyond this and ask yourself “what would you do if you knew you could not fail?”