An accomplished business leader with over 25 years’ relevant experience.

It feels like my business journey has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to help small business owners such as yourself to get more out of life by getting more out of your business.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family so starting my own business seemed the logical step. I learned how to think and act like an entrepreneur and experienced the pains and pleasures of running my own business. I’ve also worked with SMEs through periods of rapid growth and have helped build the largest property company in the UK.

You’ve taken the decision to ‘go it alone’ and I understand how running your own business can be one of the hardest, loneliest things in the world. But It doesn’t have to be.

I can help you:

  1. Define your vision for what your business and your life looks like in the future
  2. Develop the systems and processes so you can choose to work less hours
  3. Build a stronger, more reliable team to run your business
  4. Increase your profitability
  5. Achieve your true potential, aspirations and dreams

An experienced coach and mentor

I’ve seen both sides of this fence – I’ve been coached and I’ve seen and lived the difference it made to my business performance, my interactions with my direct reports, bosses and clients, and most importantly my family and my life.

I’ve also coached and mentored business owners and teams across operations, sales, marketing, IT, HR and finance.  My wide breadth and depth of experience equips me with the skills to appreciate the growth pains and opportunities that arise across the whole spectrum of business and how having motivated, committed people, with a clarity of purpose, can lead to massive success.

We’ve all got the potential to be brilliant – sometimes we just need someone to point us in the right direction.

Peter’s approach to coaching

Purpose:             To aid personal discovery, learning and accelerated growth – for you and your business;

Focus:                 To help align your personal and business dreams, create real clarity of future goals and build a simplified plan to get there. I help make the complicated things simple and ultimately help you make a lot more profit and get you back the time to enjoy the fruits of your success;

Method:             To ask powerful questions and hold you accountable to bring about the changes needed to create the business and life you want.  But also to have FUN doing it – we’ve got to enjoy the journey to get to the destination;

Model:                To be a true partner, emotionally and mentally invested in you, your aspirations, goals and business. You also need to enjoy working with me – to get the results, great coaching can often involve direct conversations and we’ll need to trust each other and build a strong relationship. If we’ve got that, we’ll produce great results and develop a long and fruitful partnership.

But coaching is not for everyone – I like to work with business owners who believe they can achieve their dreams, but just haven’t worked out how to do it yet. “We don’t know what we don’t know” so you’ve got to love to learn and you’ve got to be committed to success

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