From the moment, you wake how much time do you actually invest in yourself?


In all likelihood, none to very little. In his book, ‘The Miracle Morning Hal Elrod (Elrod, 2016) offers a great insight to really kicking the day off to a great start with a focus for you, the power hour. All too often life is so busy and hectic we barely have any time for ourselves. Often, we will commit to read a book, partake in fitness and exercise, for our affirmations (I am statements) or meditation. Great intentions although never seem to commit to consistently.

Well, the power hour habit can and will change all that. In the simple terms, you’re going to get up an hour earlier than you do now. You are then going to spend an hour focusing on you and setting your success mindset for the day ahead. Just think what you’re going to be able to achieve in setting your mindset with 60 minutes to focus on you each and every day. Take a moment to contemplate the habits we have highlighted and what you will be able to achieve committing to your daily affirmations; centering on yourself and seeing the real value you’re going to offer today and being thankful for what will come today; reading for a short period of time, having time to start the day with exercise and a healthy breakfast.

The biggest problem will be your ability to wake up an hour earlier and get out of bed. The fact of the matter here is that thought process you have in the morning to wipe the tiredness from your brain is a mere 40 seconds. That’s how long it takes for you to kick your legs out of bed and wake up. The reality for so many is the fact they hit snooze, and for the sake of a few more minutes, you still wake unrefreshed and into the daily rush to get out of the door. You essentially fail the first test of the day. Give yourself the power hour, define what it is you can focus on each and every day to empower yourself and kick the day off to a fantastic start. As Hal defines the hour you can spend:

  • 5 minutes’ silence or meditation, centering yourself.
  • 5 minutes on affirmations or ‘I am’ statements.
  • 5 minutes of visualisation and value-I-sation.
  • 20 minutes of exercise, being healthy.
  • 20 minutes of reading.
  • 5 minutes of scribbling in your learning journal.

Start the day with a smile.

Think the next time you wake up and before you hit snooze, what would you prefer, to kick the day off feeling empowered, centred and excited about the day ahead or rushed, unprepared and like every other day? This will take time and it will go back to one of our opening points of committing to 21 days to make it a full-fledged habit.

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Set your alarm for an hour early tomorrow.

Now there’s a challenging thought.