Business coach/growth specialist

Why it pays to work with a business growth specialist

By having a business growth specialist you will:

  • identify your goals so you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your business.
  • develop a detailed business plan that is the roadmap for the future and against which you will constantly monitor progress and which will be updated as you move forward and start to make that progress
  • improve your top and bottom line, i.e., your revenue and profit
  • become a skilled business owner with knowledge of what is involved in managing various aspects of your business, including lead generation, financial management, product/service delivery and team management
  • free-up time so you can work on your business and not in your business
  • have a sounding board and on-going support who will work with you to achieve your goals

Ultimately, if your aim is to have a commercial, profitable business enterprise that works without you (yes – you can have this choice), it is proven that having a business coach increases your chances of achieving this.


"My #1 focus is to support you in building your business with the same principles and best practice as if you were building a house"

All solid structures have the same basic principles and your business should be the same. In other words, in building the commercial, profitable business enterprise that works without you, you need a view of the end point (your vision), a plan (for the long term but also medium and short term), and then solid foundations. Ultimately you will have to do the nice-to-haves (choose the decor / hire a general manager etc) but the real benefit is made in getting it right from the start.
In my experience, many businesses do not retain the discipline of the basic principles outlined above and some even start at foundation stage. This is often due to the passion and excitement they have for the technical side of their business but results in them building a job for themselves and not in them building a business.

How comfortable are you that you have these general rules in place for your business? Are you clear on what you want to achieve (both in your personal life and in your business)?

My focus as stated above is to work with you to get the basics right and to build and action solid business plans and to equip you to become an informed and effective business owner.

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