Like me, you may have just returned from holiday (and you may have lots of post holiday energy).  Also, like me, you may not have actively worked on holiday but no doubt those work thoughts still happened – the good ideas, the things to do better, the things you need to tackle that you may have put off and, maybe most importantly, the things you want to achieve before the end of the year. So how are you now going to capture these thoughts and put them into action?

Here are a few tips that can help be productive with your post holiday energy:

  1. Make a list: Write down your thoughts. Do a list of everything that is on your mind. This in itself tends to clear the mind and you stop worrying about forgetting which frees you to focus on the doing.
  2. Sort the list: Some of what you will have written down will be tasks and some will be projects and goals (including personal goals). Sort your list into these categories.
  3. Priorities the items on each list: a great tool to help prioritise is to assign one of the following status to each task – Do, Defer, Delegate, Delete.
  4. Set time lines and diarise items:  Someone once said and I do believe that “Success is in the diary”. Diarise all the things you can – especially all the items noted with a “do” or “delegate”. Note who you are delegating to and agree a timetable with them that you also put in your diary. It is also good practice to set checkpoints with the person you are delegating to. This helps ensure things are on track and facilitates intervention if required.
  5. Project Plans: If you have some bigger projects on your list, draft a plan for these – the key steps that have to be done by who, by when and in what order. Diarise these also as this keeps things in your sights and helps keep you and others on track.
  6. Review your goals and ensure they are SMART: This means they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time lined. Review and rewrite (if necessary) your goals to ensure they have all the attributes noted above.
  7. 90 Day plan: With everything above, you have a very strong basis for a 90 day plan. Starting on 3 September, if you really commit to everything, think on where you will be at on 30 November.
  8. Daily Routine: Considering everything above, you may be looking at a very busy few months ahead and a very busy diary. Refer to your diary daily and know your deadlines. Finish each day by doing the plan for the next and eat your frog every day, i.e., do the task you least want to do first. This will ensure that your day should only get better and you have a sense of achievement early on.

All Actions should be pushing you and your business forward – if they are not, think about whether they are best use of your time and need to be done at all. Focus on the important.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

None of this is difficult yet we find it hard to do. It takes time and discipline and makes us accountable but it IS effective, increases our efficiency and greatly increases our chances of achieving what we want.  It is an upfront investment for a big return.

Do you need help with your holiday energy, planning or personal motivation? 

Give me a call and I would be happy help. More importantly, stop worrying about what might happen and take control of what you can control. Act now.

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