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Create a Successful Growth Strategy

These days, most successful companies and leaders invest in business coaching. Every business needs a coach – consider this an investment into your future growth. However, Great Business Matters is different from other coaching offerings, due to a specialist niche that bridges the gap between business coaching and accountancy.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your workload?
  • Struggling to get ahead of your competitors?
  • Looking to create an exit strategy with minimal disruption?
  • Need to restructure your business, but not sure where to start?
  • Or, do you simply need to make a lot more money?!

Trusha Lakhani, Business Coach & Growth Specialist

Due to my expertise in finance and leadership, I will help you create a growth strategy, giving you easy access to accounting methods, so you can implement these in your own business. Together, we get your figures to work for you. By making better decisions, you will be able to grow your business and achieve healthier profits.

I helped a small local business owner to make more money by increasing their profits and cash flow by 63% over 6 months.

Other ways I have helped my clients…

  • Transformation – I helped my client move from a professional services’ business to create an online retail business. Together, we negotiated products and looked at their stock levels, online marketing, fulfilment, packaging, customer services and delivery.
  • Complete restructure of business – over an 8-month period, I helped my client move from one supported platform to a highly compliant platform to enable them to start their 5-year growth and exit plan.
  • Exit strategy – working with a well-established, multi-location business, we created a suitable exit strategy that protected their clients, as well as their staff.

One 2 One Coaching

The focus of one 2 one coaching is always on you and your business. Together, I can help you take those vital steps towards growth, always giving you expert guidance along the way. I won’t tell you how to run your business – however, I will challenge you on some of your decisions, but always in a calm and friendly manner. Consider me your sounding board for ideas!

Please contact me to find out how you can set realistic and achievable goals to take your business to where you want it to be.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an excellent way to share experiences with other business owners. Our group sessions are delivered within an energetic coaching environment, focusing on a range of different themes. The aim of group coaching is for you to learn from each other and generate ideas that will take your business forward.

Please contact me to find out how Group Coaching can help you and your business – your first session is always free!

Free Friday Fone Ins

Do you reach the end of the week and spend your weekend worrying about your business? Every Friday, I offer a free, 30-minute phone call to business owners who need to talk about any pressing issues.

Find out how my Friday Fone In can take some of the weight off your shoulders…


Through our coaching sessions, if you find that either yourself or some of your staff need extra training, I can help. By upskilling your workforce, you can start to build a better business offering. Due to my accountancy and HR background, I can provide some financial and employment training, and I also work with trusted partners in sales and marketing.

If you need training for your business, then please contact me for details.

My mission as a business growth specialist is to help business owners in financial literacy - Know your numbers -these will tell you the key areas of focus.

My #1 focus is working with the financials in your business to create more time and money for you.

"Everyone needs a coach"

Do you want to generate more profits in 3 days a week?

Follow your dreams……

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