It is well documented that a large proportion of businesses fail within ten years, with a high percentage of those lasting less than five. A good majority of those businesses have the potential to become highly successful enterprises but sadly, a lack of well planned focus on doing the right things means that they might never get the chance to shine.

London business goals plan steps

With current uncertainty in the market place, which may continue for some time to come, planning an effective route to success becomes more important than ever.

So here’s some good news I’d like to tell you…

I am offering a handful of business owners the opportunity to work with me to produce a well considered, realistic and actionable plan that you can implement in your businesses and be completely ready to start your journey to success in 2021. Is it time for you to start running your business or will your business continue to run you?

How will this be delivered?

The plan will be formulated over three complimentary sessions, set between one and two weeks apart. This will allow for homework to be completed and ensure that the final plan is motivational, clear and above all, realistically achievable within the time frame set by the candidate.

Session 1
Identifying the destination – digging deep into why you started your business in the first place and understanding exactly what you are looking to achieve.

Session 2
Identifying the gap between your current and future states and establishing the strategies, timeframe and structure that will get you there.

Session 3
Using the templates and materials I provide to my 1-2-1 clients, we will be finalising the action plan for your first year of growth, setting KPI’s, bench marks and accountability for the required tasks.


This is something completely new, that I have never offered before, to SME business owners in and around NW London.

Why am I doing this?

The vision I have for my own business and local business community is one of abundance, cooperation and giving back. Making this help part of my mission contributes to my own congruence in fulfilling the vision that forms the backbone of my own business. I want to play my part in creating a vibrant and economically successful, local business community.

I’m offering this at no cost to you, so places are strictly limited.

Please book a call with me to apply for a place.