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Being in the sector that is highly affected by the lockdown was a huge worry for

Managing Director, Mark Lowrie – Twentysix Recruitment.

Sitting with an Action Coach gave Mark clarity and was able to refocus on the business. Together, they were able to work on strategies to maintain the business during the difficult months for UK business owners. After implementing some of ActionCOACH’s systems, they gained complete clarity and gained new clients. Not only were they able to survive during the difficult period but able to set themselves up for grow post lockdown. Getting Action Coach involved in the business especially during the lockdown period was a great decision – Mark Lowrie

Lockdown to do guide 

13 points to help get you through this pandemic

What a blessing this time of lockdown is for any business owner. Finally, you’ve been gifted the time to get to work ‘ON’ our business. Invest your time wisely in these critical areas that will allow you and your business to not only survive and thrive.

Invest this time wisely and you’ll come out ahead of where you started. You’ll have created a solid foundation from which to ensure you not only survive but thrive. You CAN do this!

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Survive and Thrive:

10 Strategies to Help You and Your Business Get Through the Coronavirus Economic Crisis and Beyond

Brad Sugars stresses that planning not panicking will best serve you during this current crisis and what you learn today will help you with future situations and economic condition changes. Download the FREE eBook and learn more about the 10 strategies you can use in your business today.

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Make the decision to learn and protect your business in these uncertain times. Register now for a free training course that will allow your business to survive & thrive.

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Brad has helped thousands of business owners for over 26 years. You can get the tools to ensure your business survives and even thrives during this time of economic crisis.

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Employee survey 

Coronovirus Pulse

Every organisation, large and small, is being impacted by Coronavirus. Many employees will be looking to you for guidance; worried about their health; and adjusting to new norms like home working. During times like these, we need to come together. That’s why WorkBuzz & ActionCOACH have teamed up to offer free access to all companies, not-for-profits, and government organisations, to our Coronavirus Pulse survey.

This survey will provide you with 

A temperature check for how your employees are feeling

Identify their concerns and ways to support them better

Determine how prepared your organisation is for remote working

Free downloads 

When a crisis occurs, whether it’s a local or global crisis, it is important to have crisis management plans and tools in place. Brad Sugars and Doug Winnie have provided the following Pandemic Business Checklist and Crisis Communication Tip Sheet to help our ActionCOACH community in developing crisis response plans. Stay tuned to this section for more resources and information.

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Speaking to a Business Growth Specialist could help save your business during these unprecedented times. You will take away at least 5 strategies to help your business not only survive but also thrive. Get clarity on exactly what is required to grow your sales, profits & team.

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