How much is the ActionCOACH franchise?

The investment for an ActionCOACH franchise is £69k. In return for your investment, you get your own exclusive territory with over 10,000 businesses and the opportunity to build your own £1 million a year revenue business. You’ll receive hands-on support every step of the way including your own mentor to guide you to success

You’ll need to buy into ActionCOACH’s 14-point culture, raise a personal contribution of at least £18k (up to 80% finance is available) and impress our directors with your past successes, your desire to help others and your appetite for learning and growth.

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Are there any ongoing fees for owning a franchise?

Just like any other franchise, there are ongoing fees which are £1,500 with a holiday period for the initial 6 months.

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There’s a coach in the area I’m interested in 

Our franchise partners have wide geographic territories of approximately 5 million population and 10,000+ businesses. Some of these coaches have non-exclusive territory rights. If you want to know which territories are available, drop us a message.

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What’s the length of licence?

An ActionCOACH franchise licence lasts 7 years. You can renew the license after the initial 7 years.

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What background do coaches come from?

We have a wide range of coaches from different backgrounds ranging from corporate organisations, previous business owners, bankers, accountants and even the military.

People often get into coaching because they have a desire to help others succeed.

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What do we look for?

You dont need extensive business experience to start an ActionCOACH franchise. But we are looking for people who have a willingness to learn and develop themselves,  enjoyed success in their career or sport and have a passion for helping others.

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What businesses do we coach?

ActionCOACH’s core proposition is to help others… to make a difference to the lives of business owners and employees, helping to stop businesses from failing and closing and instead, making them flourish.

We coach small to medium-size business from every industry imaginable. Your ideal client would be 5+ employees, but we have programmes to suit every business.

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Is there training & support?

You will receive comprehensive training and support as soon as your franchise agreement is completed.

You will attend the 9-day ActionCOACH University training and also attend Step-Up week training where you will gain hands on experience on how to follow up and turn suspects into prospects. Our UK support team members will be by your side during training.

We also have over 70 training and support days each year which are available to you throughout your life as an Action Coach.

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