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Category: High-performance coaching

Damian Hughes & Jake Humphrey

Dec 10, 2021 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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JAKE HUMPHREY and DAMIAN HUGHES host the insightful ‘The High-Performance Podcast’, which offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, successful individuals.

Sports broadcaster, Jake Humphrey, and leading organisational psychologist, Damian Hughes, interview those who have excelled in their field- whether that be sport, business, or entertainment. Join them live on the Big Friday Finish Webinar on 10th December 2021.

Join the webinar with Sports broadcaster, Jake Humphrey, and leading organisational psychologist, Damian Huge where you will learn: 

 The key lessons in high-performance.
How to develop a high-performance mindset.
Take your personal performance to the next level.

The Big Friday Finish Webinar is an excellent bonus, as support for the planning process and to keep motivation high. The speakers are excellent and there are always new ideas and approaches to think about.Linda Felton – Fortune Green Legal Practice

The access to the Big Friday Finish webinars, book club, attending growth club alongside my coaching sessions has all kept me on track and motivated during the last 18 months when things have been tricky for so many of us.Sam Swinstead – Vivo HR

The Fun Big Friday Finish webinars are always fantastic with exceptional guest speakers.Kevin Collins – Omcore


Join a community of global thought leaders and gain cutting edge knowledge.


Acquire world-class skills in the business essentials from finance to sales & marketing.


Gain insights on how to succeed in the toughest of times from leaders with enviable success!

FREE profit-building strategy session
when you purchase a Big Friday Finish webinar ticket

This gifted 1-2-1 business coaching session with one of our world-class Business Growth Specialists is designed to help kick start the growth in your business. You will learn how to increase your profits using the proven ActionCOACH 6 steps process. In this free coaching session up to an hour, you will gain insight on:

 5 proven growth strategies easy to implement in your business.
 Key development opportunities for you as the business owner.
How to gain the confidence to grow your business in the current climate.

Big Friday Finish
working together with Santander for Intermediaries.

Santander for Intermediaries makes it easy for you to do business through the wide range of simple yet innovative products that offer great value to benefit you and your clients. Access all the tools and services you need with people who will work with you to help support you in driving your business forward.

Big Finish Friday (Global Thought Leaders) Working Together Santander logo Santander white

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Big Finish Friday (Global Thought Leaders) Working Together Santander logo Santander white

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