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Jeffrey Gitomer announced for the next Big Friday Finish Webinar!
Friday 5th Feb 2021

Learn from the author of the New York Times best-seller, The Sales Bible…

Are you trying to ‘find the pain’, make cold calls, manipulate the close, or satisfy customers rather than keep them loyal? If so, then you need a sales wake-up call and Jeffrey is your alarm clock.

If you want to stand out from the herd of never-ending competition and differentiate yourself from the mundane then attending this webinar is a must.

Jeffrey’s training will show you how to make your sales process work and deliver fun for you and your prospects. It took Jeffery four decades to uncover how and why he became so successful at selling. In this webinar, Jeffrey will share with you:

 The best ways to build rapport.

How to uncover opportunities.

How to make easier and more profitable sales. 

The first half-hour of Jeffrey’s session will be a Facebook live stream followed by an hour GoToWebinar session with specific content and training.

PLUS, ActionCOACH is gifting up to an hour of business coaching with every purchased ticket to help you embed your learnings and apply them.

Ticket: £60 inc vat

Jeffrey Gitomer has written fifteen No.1 books, including New York Times best sellers, Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His most successful title, The Little Red Book of Selling, has sold over five million copies.

Drawing from his own experience as the president and founder of three manufacturing and marketing businesses, he works with clients to improve their sales strategies, sales performance, personal development, and memorable service. He gives over 150 training programmes and annual sales meetings for companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Deloitte & Touche, Milliken, Time Warner, Siemens, Sony, Federal Express, NationsBank, and Sprint.

Don’t just take our word for it …

”Many of you are probably fellow Gitomer fans…. I’ve been a fan of Gitomer’s for years, read all his books, his columns in the newspaper and have gotten his complimentary ezine “Sales Caffeine” (highly recommended). Here’s just a few of the reasons why every sales professional in the world needs to see him:

  • you’ll instantly grab tips that Gitomer reveals, designed to quickly sharpen key selling skills 
  • you’ll laugh at his wit and east coast style… the guy should be on Letterman… (in addition to his sales brilliance) 
  • his attitude — he’s a true inspiration for successful no-bs friendly sales, without the old-school gimmicks that today’s savvy customers are too hip to fall for… 
  • the salesmanship and confidence: if like many of us, you want a quick lift and pick-me-up, plus a hugely informative dose of winning salesmanship explained live 

Gitomer’s truly a genius and gifted sales pro … and you’ll be thrilled to finally see the guy on stage, live, delivering one of the best knock-your-socks off sales presentations ever seen. I heartily endorse this as the best sales training I’ve ever seen. I recommend it highly. Best money I’ve spent in years on sales training.”

– Kenneth Calhoun 


”Brilliant. Straight forward, real-life techniques. I highly, highly recommend it to you. If you don’t have sales experience, or you’re relatively new to it, you’ll get invaluable info to put into practice straight. Definitely, worth taking notes as you go, there’s so much to take in.”

– Kaia-Lisa

FREE profit building strategy session
when you purchase The Big Friday Finish webinar ticket

This gifted 1-2-1 business coaching session with one of our world-class Business Growth Specialists is designed to help kick start the growth in your business. You will learn how to increase your profits using the proven ActionCOACH 6 steps process. In this free coaching session up to an hour, you will gain insight on:

 5 proven growth strategies easy to implement in your business.
 Key development opportunities for you as the business owner.
How to gain the confidence to grow your business in the current climate.


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