As a manufacturing company Greyhound Box was doing well, but unfortunately it was struggling to grow revenue in the business and found itself being stuck at the same threshold. That’s when Louise O’Brien looked to Action Coach to get support. Looking back Louise can see the business is now systemised for growth and scale, and she started to see changes in the business as quickly as 6 months into coaching.

After working with an Action Coach turnover has grown from 3.4M to 4M which is a fantastic £600K increase! Profits have also risen –  and that’s with less members of staff. The business is now definitely streamlined, more efficient and has been scaled to upscale. Nowadays Louise can test and measure strategies along side the support of her coach with the many tools and systems that ActionCOACH provides.

On top of the financial growth Louise herself has also developed through her time with an Action Coach  – in fact she has now brought the business herself! These days you can find her out in the business community and contributing to the local economy, and her confidence has flourished as a result. Louise has so much confidence in the Action Coach system she has decided to bring leaders into place and have them continue with coaching!

No matter what kind of business you might have, it’s clear that the proven ActionCOACH principles are a solid foundation for business growth:

“ActionCOACH will help you build a structured business, understand what’s happening in that business and allow you to be able to work on your business and further develop it”

If you’d like to kick-start your business growth and you want:

1. More time

2. A more efficient team

3. And to grow your profits

Then find your local Action Coach today!