The latest figures from The Office for National Statistics, report over one-third of a million business deaths in 2017 and over one-third of a million business deaths in 2018.

According to Ian Christelow, ActionCOACH’s UK co-founder, “roughly 9 out of 10 UK businesses close their doors inside their first decade.”

Ian attributes most of the staggering death rate to two reasons:

⚫ Most UK business owners haven’t learnt how to build a business that works so they don’t have to…. the consequences are the owner burns out and with that so does their business.

 Most UK business owners are experts in what their business does, but are not experts in the business of business… this leaves them exposed to the risk of making a fatal business decision.

In response, ActionCOACH is launching their first UK TV Ad this Christmas to get the message out to as many business owners as possible that there is a way to buck the odds of business failures. To convey the message, ActionCOACH has created a 30 seconds TV ad targeted towards business owners during the festive holiday season and the start of 2020. Watch a preview of the advert below:

ActionCOACH TV Advert Making   ActionCOACH TV Advert Making



ActionCOACH TV Advert Making   ActionCOACH TV Advert Making

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