January can feel like one of the longest months of the year: Christmas has gone, the days are short, you’ve already broken your New Years’ Resolution and that workout equipment you treated yourself to in the sales has developed a thin layer of dust. But fear not! ActionCOACH Winchester, Basingstoke and Farnborough are here with our free webinars to help your business get going in 2021!

Our first webinar, entitled Time Mastery: Your Most Valuable Asset is TIME, hosted by Natalie Simms, was held on Wednesday, 20th January. The webinar outlined the importance of recognising how your time was being used and discussed tools you could use to improve the amount of time you work on your business, rather than in your business.

Self-Mastery, Planning Mastery & Delegation Mastery

Natalie covered the three main areas of time mastery: self-mastery, planning mastery and delegation mastery. Self-Mastery starts with focusing on your own self-management. Recognising your top time wasters and identifying activities you could delegate or outsource to guarantee you are able to work on your business.

Planning Mastery covers all areas of your business, ensuring you have a plan on paper of what to do and what needs to be done is key. Also covered was the importance of a daily to do list, and, in particular, writing this at the end of each day so you know what needs to be done from the start of the next day. Linked to the daily list is the concept of “eating your frog”. When compiling your to do list there will inevitably be a task that you won’t want to do. This is your frog. Once you’ve identified your frog make sure that this is the first task you do so that you can concentrate on other, more enjoyable tasks for the rest of the day.

Delegation Mastery is about identifying your specialities and developing your team so that you can, over time, replace yourself as you step away from the business. Look for the areas you can delegate to others and be aware that you need to let go of control in those areas whilst ensuring that the person you’ve delegated to understands what they’re doing and why.

Interruption Strategies

In business it’s easy to get interrupted throughout the day by colleagues, emails, phone calls, or, as many of us are working from home other distractions such partners, children, pets or that pile of washing you know needs to be done. The webinar set out a number of strategies to prevent you getting interrupted from simply being inaccessible to ensuring when on a call the person you’re speaking to knows there is a time limit to the interaction. It’s also important to realise that  your time is precious and having it wasted is something you should resent. Recognising that you may need to be tougher on those who undervalue your time and, perhaps, also tougher on yourself.

The full webinar can be watched below.  If you would like to learn more about time mastery and other areas of business coaching we have a variety of coaching programmes, both group and 1-2-1 that can help you and your business grow.

Our next event is on Wednesday, February 3rd at 4pm. This online workshop will be focused on Mental Strength for Success in Business. Each day opportunities come your way. How good are you at seeing them? How good are you at creating them? This workshop will open your mind to the state of your mental strength and give you some powerful strategies about how to take positive action to move you and your business to the next level. This is certain to be an interesting and useful workshop and we look forward to seeing you there. To register click here.