Business Coach and Mentor

Are you living the dream or in a business nightmare?

Based in the most glorious location in the world, many would think we are all living the dream, but that is not always the case.

Starting a business with a great idea and initial enthusiasm can soon become a nightmare when aside from the skills needed to do the actual thing your business does, you also have to do your own marketing, manage your own finances, employ and train your own people. After putting far too many hours in a week, more than you ever thought you might have to, you barely get time to enjoy the amazing channel islands environment and culture.

It’s not all bad news, as those skills you never thought you might need, can be learnt.


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ActionCOACH provides a tried and proven framework which when adopted can help you with a number of issues;

  • Your business is not growing.
  • You lack direction and a solid plan.
  • You are working incredibly hard but with minimal return.
  • Revenue, profit and asset growth are not positive.
  • Stress is impacting your business and personal life.
  • You’re not spending your time productively.
  • You haven’t built a great team.
  • You are not enjoying the business.
  • Your business and personal life is out of balance.
  • You do not have control of your financial plans or systems.

Alan Chapman has coached business owners of small and medium sized businesses in the Channel Islands for many years, successfully helping with the development and management of their organisation to achieve rapid growth, increased profit, improved communication, more efficient processes and systems and so much more.