My daughter (age 4 and a half) is learning to read, write and wrangle numbers.  Watching as her, as her enthusiasm rises and falls is an interesting lesson in what is means to learn and persist.  And ultimately (we hope) to master.

You’re a business owner, and I have no doubt that you do what you do (really) well.  And when it comes to business growth sometimes you have to do NEW things.  Sometimes you will have done these things in the past, and they won’t be that new … more like an addition to what you do.  However there may be some things that are

New, new

And because you’ve been doing what you do really well, it can be a bit uncomfortable to experience the clunkiness of being a learner again.

However it’s useful both to be learning something new, as well as specifially learning something new for your business.

Learn something new

Whether business related or not.  Start a new sport, take up a language, take up a new hobby, visit a new country … anything!  Doing something new will give you more empathy for your employees who are perhaps mastering new tasks.  It will inform your thinking about how to descirbe tasks, and give insights as to when to get involved and when to back off.  And remember we’re all different so will want something different from our learning experience.

Learn something new and apply it to your business

Have you been in business 10 years, and developed and grown throughout your 10 years, or have you repeated the first year ten times?

So pick up a business book, head to a business seminar, take some CPD or other training and when you’re back in the office apply it to your business.  Let’s not let all the shennanigans around Brexit affect your business growth.  Be poised to take any opportunities.

Next steps

I’m running a 90 day planning workshop … a bit of training alongside developing a 90 day plan for your business.  Many of my business coaching clients will be there – but I have a couple of additional spaces.  Let me know if you would like one of those.