Is your business growing?

Don’t take “SLOW” for an answer

Are you interested in developing your business from “we’re getting by” or “we’re doing OK, thanks” to being on top of your game and taking control of the market?  We’re talking Business Growth, and some of the activities that you might be inadvertently doing that will prevent you business growing.

There is still time for you to kick your business into high gear this year.

7 activities which stop a business growing

Here are 7 activities that you might be doing which have the potential to really slow your business growth.  If you’re doing any one of them you are going to want to sit down and talk with me about making your business the success you always knew it should be:

You are:

  1. Struggling to show potential clients why using you is really better for them than using your competitors
  2. Looking for the best ways to get prospects to say YES!  And see your value at the rates you want to charge
  3. Often having to under bid in your proposals just to get the work and then working under extreme pressure to try and make it profitable
  4. Training good technicians to do the work and then losing them to other companies
  5. Concerned that your clients get inconsistent service depending on which person they speak to
  6. Looking for better ways to stay in touch with clients between jobs so they stay your loyal clients
  7. Needing to spend less time in the field servicing clients so you can invest more time in building a bigger, better company
Woman using mobile phone. Call Angus Lyon Business Coach.

If any of the above reasons are true for you then we need to talk.  I can only work with one company per sector one-to-one to achieve massive success.  Is it worth 60 minutes of your time to meet and discuss how we can overcome your challenges and achieve massive results in your business?  How does an increase of 61% in your profits sound?  I can show you how to do this!

If you are ready – really ready – to kick your business into the next level, you need to call me (or text) right now at 07973 288043 and schedule an initial complimentary meeting.  I guarantee it will be one of the most profitable hours you have spent in a very long time.


Angus Lyon
Business Coach
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