Talking all about “features” of your product or service?

Why is it your prospects and potential clients just don’t see how good your products and services are?   Which means that they don’t:

  • pick up the phone and ask for more information,
  • don’t fill in the web form, or click buy?

You have told them all about the Features of your product or service ..

Perhaps you have told or written about why you are better than your competition…

It is clear (to you) that what you offer is really special.  That you “go the extra mile”.  And if you are like my clients you are passionate about making the customer experience the very best .. and when you do win a client you keep them.

Is your challenge is starting the relationship.. getting that first conversation or first purchase.

Why don’t they respond to your marketing???

Assume that you are clear on your target market, that you have a strong offer (more on that in another blog)…

You have told them all about the features of the product,  all about the advantages of choosing your product or service?

So just what is missing?  

It’s the BENEFIT of your service or product to THEM.

You really need to spell it out to them:

  • How will they be better off,
  • safer,
  • their life made simpler..
  • or maybe how using your service they will save precious time or save money.

As business owners and marketers we deliver our products and services day in and day out.   The benefit is obvious to US.   We have seen how other clients have benefited.  But at the start of the customer journey unless we clearly communicate the benefit of using our product or service to THEM

Remember Feature -> Advantage —-> BENEFIT (to them)

The Benefits gives them the WHY (the reason) to take action.  To BUY your product 🙂


Audit your sales scripts, your web pages. For each product or service, can you answer the question WHAT IS THE BENEFIT TO THEM to buy and use your product or service..

If it is a web landing page, where you want them to take some action then WHAT IS THE IMMEDIATE BENEFIT TO THEM of getting in contact with you..

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Buying photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash