At the moment the speed of time passing is not the same for everyone… of course it was always the same, but these differences seem to be massively heightened at the moment.  Any differences between you and others, can be a source of time STRESS.

Of course how fast time is passing for you depends what’s filling your time, whether or not your business is still functioning, or if it’s gone into a hibernation mode.  The passing of time can be experienced differently even within the same household or within the same business.

In this context of time, understanding the demands of others can be a way for you to REDUCE STRESS in relationships as well as signposting how you can be more effective.

For a recent presentation – I called this:

Breaking the theory of relativity! 

So – what is relativity and why is it important for your well-being?

Ok, so first let me tell you a short story.  Professor Einstein’s secretary was so burdened with inquiries as to the meaning of “relativity” that the professor decided to help her out. He told her to answer these inquiries as follows: “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity.”

We used this “relativity” during our December GrowthCLUB – my wife and I were running a session on leading teams when they are remote (simulated by being blindfolded).  The activity is a very practical demonstration of how the leader experiences time at a fast pace;  they’re constantly engaged, thinking planning, directing, being asked questions, monitoring progress.  In contrast, often team members can feel that time is going sooooo S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Take a look at the picture.   How fast was time passing for Ed (the chap without the blindfold versus Anna (blonde hair in bottom right).  You only have to look at the body language to get a sense of what is going on….

How quickly is time passing for you?

How quickly is time passing for you right now?  Contrast this with your family / your clients?

This difference in the passing of time can be a source of stress.

For example, friends are contacting me for “a chat and catchup” – a lovely benefit of the lockdown.  One very dear friend called me twice over the weekend, we had a great catch up the first time – the second time he called with a beer in hand – settling in for another long chat.  But right now – I’m as busy (and productive) as I’ve ever been!  So the choice of who and were we invest our time and energy can be a tough one.

Look after yourself

There’s a reason that when they do the safety announcement on airplanes they say “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others”.

One tip is to create an updated default diary.  Be clear about where and when you’ll take social calls, and keep focused on your achievements.  It’s fairly easy to create one – and if you’d like a template spreadsheet – just give me a call.

In the next blog I’ll talk about micro-breaks.  In this world where we’re not “commuting”, or taking coffee, or waiting for a client or supplier to show up – we have the ability to be more productive – but we’re not getting the same “down time” have a look at Micro Breaks to see how you can get a few more in your life.


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