Hi, Daniela Grendene here, Executive Education and Coaching professional, serving privately owned companies, 100% dedicated in creating profitable, sustainable businesses.

I work with Directors, Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives in a variety of sectors including urban planning, medical, creative, technology, travel, tourism and hospitality, who value quality and high standards for themselves, their teams and all areas of their companies.

My transition into Business Coaching came after many years working with global organisations in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East; being part of exceptional brands in both the private and public sectors, gave me the necessary skills and practical experience which I now combine with the best business tools and methodology of accredited coaching organisations.

Over the years I have seen some businesses that have fantastic ideas, products and services that just get stuck, stop growing and fade away. I have also seen families and businesses who are ripped apart by feuds lost in the process of succession. On the other hand, I have been involved with businesses and owners who have just done it; they have seen and exploited the potential their business has and created sustainable-long term wealth. 

And that’s why I do what I do, because I have a passion for business sustainability, it is essential for long term prosperity for all the individuals involved; I enjoy working with organisations in identify the stumbling blocks that prevent many Executives and Entrepreneurs from effectively growing their businesses. 

In particular, right now during this 2020 crisis, many businesses are challenged to survive and that’s because “cracks and gaps” were already present way before COVID 19 started but nothing or little was done about it. 3 key problems have emerged almost overnight:

  • Customers drop-out and retention; 
  • How to manage the team’s productivity while working remotely;
  • What to do to bounce back? (or not knowing what to do at all).

To solve these challenges, I have adapted some short-term programmes:

  • How to shift your marketing strategies for customer communication, increase market presence and build relationships with “future” clients;
  • How to build a winning team to help you to thrive post-crisis;
  • What you need to plan now so that you will be ready to execute in phases, when the recovery starts.

The programmes are bespoke and “attuned to your business”, conducted remotely, on an individual basis or in a small class environment. 

Message me to schedule a one-hour session to discuss your particular challenges and requirements.