Developing high performing teams with my clients follows a set path…

I use a model developed in 1965 by #BruceTuckman who presented a paper outlining a model for a team to develop and grow. The model initially had 4 phases and a 5th one added some 10 years later:

  1. #Forming– where team members get to know each other and the task at hand, avoiding conflict and playing nice so they are accepted into the group.
  2. #Storming– as team members begin to feel safe, clashes appear due to different personalities and working styles, they may push the boundaries and conflicts may begin to appear between each other.
  3. #Norming– the team agrees a plan, timelines and who should do what according to their skills, while accepting any weaknesses, developing trust with each other.
  4. #Performing– as the team becomes more stable; the goals are well aligned and the team is motivated and competently gets the job done performing with minimal supervision and conflict.
  5. #Mourning#Adjourning / #Reforming – as the goal is achieved, the time comes to wrap up, and the team separates to move onto other tasks/goals.

▶️ Are you part of or have ever worked in a high-performing team? Did it follow these stages?

▶️▶️Could this model apply to friendships and relationships too?

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