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Increase Business & Personal Growth | BookClub

Increase Business & Personal Growth through our famous BookClub.   The BookClub will be hosted by our Kiwi coaches Pete & Janellle O’Keeffe who have over 15 years experience of entrepreneurship and business improvement coaching. The meetings consist of 90-minute group sessions with like-minded business owners. We will be reading and reviewing the top business…

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White Lion

Engage and Grow

Increase Employee Engagement | Increase Profits

FREE Coaching Workshop | Ways to Increase Employee Engagement & Increase Profits in your Business Effective Employee Engagement has always been a major challenge for organisations and it’s not getting any better. Only 8% of employees in the UK are fully engaged in their work (Gallup Poll 2017) The other 92% are disengaged or actively disengaged. They’re physically present,…


Maidstone, Kent

90-Day Business Planning Workshop Business Growth Launch Event

Grow Your Business | GrowthClub

GrowthClub is a quarterly workshop designed to help you Grow Your Business.   You will learn how to plan and prepare an effective business strategy. The purpose of the day is to review where your business is on the long term plan, what has happened in the last 90 days and what needs to happen in…

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Boughton Golf Club