Why is coaching the right choice for me?

Most of us start a company because we believe in what we’re doing. We’re good at it. We might not know much about marketing, sales, or strategic growth plans – but we sure know our products and services inside and out. Isn’t that enough? I’m afraid the answer is no. Business Coaching

All too often, company directors get swept up in the day-to-day processes of the business and are preoccupied with current pressing issues and miss the big picture.

Our focus – the big picture.

How the business is realistically performing and where it’s headed should be high on the priority list and that’s where a business coach proves invaluable. To advise. To facilitate. To ensure that the business becomes all it can be, whilst allowing its founders to focus on what they’re really good at – and transforming them in the process into owners, rather than office managers or firefighters. Bath Business Coaching

A bit about ActionCOACH.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching organisation for a good reason. It’s the best. It’s also the biggest. Operating out of 1000 offices in 59 countries worldwide, the company advises over 20,000 businesses per week. Combined with Engage and Grow – simple action-based programmes transforming disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders we can help deliver what you really want from your business. Bath Business Coaching

The companies we have coached have;

      • Transformed their marketing and sales strategies
      • Significantly increased productivity
      • Systemised and streamlined their operations
      • Gained a fuller understanding of where they, and their companies, are headed
      • Created fully engaged teams

Let’s have a chat.

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Whether your goal is to double your profits, streamline your operations, get your team engaged– or simply spend more time with your family – we can help.

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