At ActionCOACH we turn our hand to helping many different types of businesses.

One of the questions we frequently get asked, before we start working with a client is, “What could you, a man in a suit, possibly know about my business that I don’t already?”

And the answer is……nothing! We are pretty handy with power tools, but we couldn’t build a house! Bath Business Coaching

BUT what we do know about, and are experts in, is a set of proven strategies, tools and techniques that apply to EVERY business- even yours! Creating a successful business model is our forté.

These are the things we have noticed that successful Trade’s businesses have in common- Bath Business Coaching

Leadership skills– You manage your business, but you need to lead your team. Great leaders inspire, are committed, communicate well and have great decision-making capabilities.

Be selective to be profitable– We speak to so many trade’s that HATE turning down work. However, a full order book is not necessarily a profitable one- have you heard the saying “busy fool”? You are working flat out on the tools because you took on more work than you could handle, and now have no time to negotiate deals on materials, follow up on quotations or invoice customers. Bath Business Coaching

Get the word out– Network……yes, we said network! Mixing with other businesses earns you more work. Take time out of your business to build your successful business model.

Invest in your business– Working with a Business Coach is like the difference between going to the gym on your own or going with a personal trainer- you will achieve results, faster and more efficiently without wasting hours pounding away on the treadmill relentlessly. Bath Business Coaching

We have helped several trades businesses to become success stories, like Josh Andrews from Andrew’s Construction, who had this to say about working with us- Bath Business Coaching

“Before meeting Action Coach Frome, I had a lack of direction, maybe a little deflated with the business, struggling to justify time/profit. A year on we have smashed goals, grown Andrews Construction LTD to new levels and we’re now in a position to take on BIG contracts that were possibly in my 5-year plan. As you can see I would recommend them to any business whichever part of their business journey they’re at “ Bath Business Coaching

You see the thing is if you carry on doing the same things you will carry on getting the same results…..project that forward 5 years and you could still be on the treadmill! Bath Business Coaching

Invest in your business today, because business coaching isn’t just for men in suits! Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching Bath Business Coaching