We felt it was important to share the reason why we are putting on the South West Business Growth Summit because it is not a profit generating event, if we break-even we will be happy.

For us it is SO much more than that.

Our mission first and foremost is to bring an opportunity for greater success to businesses across our area, through attending an event with a world-class speaker IN Bath. Most events of this prestige are held in Bristol, London or Birmingham and so bringing Jim Lawless to Bath is our way of showing our local community how much we want to serve and support them.

My vision for our coaching business is” to know and grow every business in our community” … quite an audacious goal… I mean… EVERY business… and how far does our community go?  With us being just a small franchise business within a larger organisation in a region, with over 20,000 trading businesses, within 1 hour from our offices… WOW!

The practice started five years ago as just me and 6 months later I was joined in the business by my wife Jo.  Together we then built a practice and a local community and things were going well… until… I realised that, as a one coach practice, I wasn’t going to add the value to our business community that would make a REAL difference.

We were running 12 complimentary sessions a year, designed to add real value, running ActionCLUBs for 10 smaller businesses and providing 1-2-1 coaching for 14 businesses.  But, for me, that wasn’t making a big enough impact.

It was in January 2017 when we were compiling our events calendar for 2018 that Jo said, “why don’t we put on a bigger event?”, and within an hour, I had the support of 2 other coaching practices, a team of 6 and plans for a Growth Summit in Bath, our local city.

The first event was put together, in 2018, in less than 3 months, we had over 90 delegates and offered an event which every bit of feedback we received, endorsed it fully as highly impactful and of great value… but that still wasn’t enough… it wasn’t a big enough splash.

A huge part of our culture involves investing in ourselves, our own ability, our own knowledge and our own mindset towards what we can achieve; something we encourage our clients and businesses to adopt too.  In April 2018 my team and I were at the Business Excellence Forum in Liverpool, learning from world class speakers such as Sharon Lechter, Brad Sugars, Andy Bounds, Michael Heppell and Baroness Karen Brady.  Amongst this prestigious group was an author and presenter named Jim Lawless.  I had not heard of him.

He took to the stage and demonstrated a proven system for achievement and results.  He shared his journey and created energy and purpose.  He was entertaining, exciting, motivating and left us all wanting more.

That was the point I became determined to bring a world class, global stage speaker to Bath, into the heart of our community, making access easy, affordable and exciting for all the businesses we know.

So, I phoned Jim up… told him what I wanted to achieve… he told me the price, I fell over, then picked myself up and agreed the price.  And… I wanted more, so I asked him if we could run a workshop in the afternoon, he readily agreed, and the Business Growth Summit 2019 was launched.

The collective vision of the amazing team of people making this event viable, is to bring brilliant local businesses  together at this world-class event at Bath Racecourse.  To learn new things, be inspired to achieve more, get the motivation and ambition to drive our businesses and our region forward.

It is not about profit, status or selling.  It is about helping every business owner to become the best they can be.  It is for us to know more businesses, and for every business we know to grow and thrive.

Therefore, if you haven’t booked or even looked already… spaces are limited… so please visit our site www.businessgrowthsummit.co.uk