The market has changed.

Not only for employers, but for candidates looking for roles in the tail-end of a global pandemic here in the UK.

We have all encountered struggles during the past year, personally and collectively. With many people being made redundant as businesses struggled to remain operational, the job market is more saturated than we have seen in a very long time. This means that it is vital to have the answers to the important questions being asked in interviews across the country as the UK looks to return to work.

Below you can find the six biggest questions being asked at the moment, and the best approach to giving an honest and comprehensive answer.

“Were you afraid of losing your job?”
The truth is, isn’t everyone? At one point in time, during the pandemic, the majority of businesses struggled. This meant that there were big decisions to be made in relation to their employees. If applying for roles while still employed by your company, it is important not to critique your fellow employees, stating that “decisions were made which changed my working dynamic” is a good starting point as it is the truth for many people.

“What did you do while not working?”
People have been furloughed, made redundant and left in limbo throughout this entire period. Understanding how new employees function in their own time is more important for businesses now in case we go through anything like this again. With the uncertainty of COVID still around, businesses want to know more than what is on your CV. They don’t want to hear about the eight seasons of Game of Thrones you got through in the first 2 weeks of Lockdown! Think of the projects you undertook, the skills you learnt and the things you overcame.

“How did you prefer to communicate while working remotely?”
Communication is key. This is how businesses function on a day-to-day basis and the way we communicate has changed so much in the last 13 months. Zoom, Teams and other video conferencing tools have come into the fray and seem to be here to stay. With this question, be honest. The team may have a preferred way to communicate and if you do not feel comfortable with that method, the job may not be the perfect fit.

“Have you previously worked remotely?”
Businesses have adapted, as have employees. Showcasing your willingness to change and work remotely will prove that you are the right person for the modern workplace. These skills will put you in a good way when it comes to learning new skills and becoming resilient moving forward.

“How do you ‘clock out’?”
When working remotely, employees do find it difficult to maintain a strong work/life balance. Explaining the ways in which you are able to distinguish when it is time to work and time to stop will help you and your employer know the way in which you work best. Be transparent with your potential employer so that they can offer you the support if it is recognised that it is needed.

“What makes you excited to wake up?”
Let’s face it, it isn’t another Zoom call is it? Embrace your personality and discover your purpose in the workplace. This question is asked to help discover your goals, objectives and aspirations not only within your work, but in yourself.

Understanding these questions and having your own answers is what makes you unique. Presenting these answers in the right way is what will get you hired. Make sure you are ready for the re-opening of opportunities by understanding these six key questions before your next interview.

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